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Top Stories | Jan. 22 2018

Houses of worship can now receive FEMA aid

WASHINGTON — After lawsuits and a Supreme Court decision, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued a new policy extending... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 21 2018

Moody Bible Institute under new leadership

CHICAGO — Saying it is “time for a new season of leadership,” the Moody Bible Institute (MBI) board of trustees has announced the resignations... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 20 2018

Largest group of Mennonite churches leaves

LANCASTER, Penn. — The Lancaster Mennonite Conference (LMC), the largest group of Mennonite congregations in the U.S., has officially separated... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 20 2018

Church plant in pediatrician’s office sign of God’s faithfulness

From the minute Tara Jones walked through the door of her new pediatrician’s office, she knew something was going on that was bigger than the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 18 2018

Mississippi ‘religious liberty’ bill allowed to stand

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court refused Jan. 8 to hear a challenge to a Mississippi law that would allow government workers and businesses... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 18 2018

Europeans likely to entwine identity, religion

When “fiercely atheistic” communist radicals swept into power in Russia more than 100 years ago, they had many targets. One of them was the... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jan. 18 2018

Adoption, foster care can be alternative for mothers considering abortion

By Denise George Special to The Alabama Baptist On any given day in the United States, nearly 428,000 children live in foster homes or institutions.... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Jan. 18 2018

‘National Treasure,’ ‘Cars 3’ top January streaming

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Ben Gates is a historian and treasure hunter who’s a bit like Indiana Jones: He never gives... [READ MORE]