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Death and Dying | Feb. 11 2016

Dawson Memorial Baptist reaches out to widows through new ministry

For women who have entered into it recently or years ago, widowhood is a new season — one that comes with its own unique worries, trials... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 11 2016

Does ‘XO’ really stand for ‘hugs and kisses’?

When I was a young girl, my mother taught me to add “x” and “o” — a kiss and a hug — after my signature.... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 4 2016

Televangelists make Netflix ‘reel’

Alongside programs like “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards,” Netflix now offers users another type of content: Christian sermons.... [READ MORE]

Men | Jan. 21 2016

Titans linebacker strives to be man of God first

Wesley Woodyard’s favorite Bible verse has nothing to do with his most embarrassing moment. When he was a freshman at the University of... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Oct. 29 2015

Historical HIghlights from previous issues of The Alabama Baptist

50 Year Ago October 1965 Historical Marker Installed: Jefferson Baptist Church has been honored by the Alabama Historical Association with a... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Oct. 29 2015

Theology 101: The Word of God Across the Ages — God’s Eternal Word

We began the theme of God’s Word across the ages by going back before time when God’s creating Word spoke everything we know into... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Aug. 13 2015

Birmingham mayor visits Vatican, pledges action

Birmingham Mayor William Bell was 1 of about 60 mayors from around the globe who gathered July 21 at the Vatican to sign a declaration pledging... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Aug. 13 2015

ERLC’s ‘The Gospel and Politics’ conference focuses on importance of evangelical political engagement

Christians often instinctively know that politics matter but don’t know how to respond in a way that is faithful to the gospel.” ... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Aug. 13 2015

Theology 101: Such a Great Salvation — Conversion

Often when speaking of salvation in church circles, we speak of it as conversion. We use this term rather frequently; however, the word itself... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Aug. 13 2015

Gov. Bentley defunds Planned Parenthood

Three days after a vote to defund Planned Parenthood failed in the U.S. Senate, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley announced Aug. 6 he was terminating... [READ MORE]