Baptist News

Financial | Feb. 17 2000

Music sales increasing in bookstores

Christian music sales in 1999 reached almost 50 million units, an increase of 11.5 percent over 1998 sales. Christian retailers accounted for... [READ MORE]

Pastor | Feb. 17 2000

Merritt Likely nominee for SBC presidency

Suburban Atlanta pastor James Merritt will likely be nominated as president of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) when it meets June 13-14... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Feb. 17 2000

Lee Faces Challenges in New Position

When Wanda Lee assumes the leadership of the national Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) March 1, she will face several immediate challenges. The... [READ MORE]

Music | Feb. 17 2000

Grammy nomination a first for CenturyMen

For the first time in their 30-year history, The CenturyMen, a 100 member men’s chorus of Southern Baptist musicians, have been nominated... [READ MORE]

Social Issues | Feb. 17 2000

Ethnic president not far away for Southern Baptists

Declaring that “the day is over” when the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is “a white Anglo-Saxon denomination,” Paige... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Feb. 10 2000

Volunteers: worth the time and money

The concept of missions volunteers stirs questions in many people’s minds about whether it is worth the money and effort involved to bring... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Feb. 10 2000

Sabadell Church plans missions trip to Alabama

La Creu Alta Baptist Church is located in the highest point in Sabadell, a city outside Barcelona, Spain. Its name means “high cross.”... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Feb. 10 2000

English-language camp plants gospel sees in Spanish kids

Reaching children through an annual English-language camp may be one of the most-remembered fingerprints Alabama Baptist left in Spain. It is... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 10 2000

St. Louis Rams star uses fame to share Christ

Kurt Warner, the St. Louis Rams quarterback who was named most valuable player in the Jan. 30 Super Bowl, plans to use his newfound fame as a... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 10 2000

First Baptist Church, Arley, destroyed by Jan. 27 fire

Fire destroyed the building complex of First Baptist Church, Arley, on Jan. 27. Although investigators have ruled out arson, the fire’s... [READ MORE]