Bible Studies

Bible Studies | Mar. 8 2004

Church uses study based on show

In a time when people are rushing from one place to another with more things to do and less time to do them in, there seems to be a yearning... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Oct. 30 2003

LifeWay’s e-business recognized for online Bible study marketing

LifeWay Christian Resources’ e-business department has been recognized by two marketing associations for creatively getting the word out... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | May. 8 2003

‘Purpose Driven Life’ tops NY Times advice list

It isn’t often that a pastor’s book tops a New York Times best-seller list, but that’s where Rick Warren’s “The... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Apr. 3 2003

Planning crucial to long-range growth

Any church building committee member can easily look at a swelling Sunday congregation in a cramped sanctuary, see the need for a larger facility... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Jan. 9 2003

Sunday School, discipleship encourage growth

Two bulwarks of Baptist church life are Sunday School and discipleship ministries (formerly Discipleship Training). These are the programs by... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Jun. 25 2002

Vacation Bible School still top in evangelism

Vacation Bible School (VBS) memories compete for some of the best snapshots from childhood experiences. Whether one’s favorite activity... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Feb. 14 2002

Bible translated into 24 new languages in 2001

NEW YORK — An international fellowship of Bible societies has registered the translation of the Bible into 24 additional languages... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Feb. 7 2002

Scholars debate accuracy of new TNIV Bible

The accuracy of the new “Today’s New International Version” (TNIV) revision of the popular New International Version (NIV)... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Oct. 25 2001

Sunday School teachers use lessons from TV favorites

Some of Alabama’s Sunday School teachers have “got some ’splaining to do.”     They’re asking their... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Apr. 5 2001

Brothers use Bible study as witnessing tool at high school

It takes but a few minutes of conversation with Samford freshman Marvin Leathers to realize he is wise beyond his 18 years. Two years ago, as... [READ MORE]