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Alabama Baptist Entities | Apr. 20 2000

FFH Found A Place

  (Essential Records) It only takes a few minutes of listening to FFH’s newest album, Found A Place, to know this foursome is serious... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Apr. 20 2000

Breast cancer hits ‘one in eight’

  Breast cancer awareness is growing. Rosie O’Donnell and other celebrities are wearing pink ribbons in support of breast cancer survivors... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 20 2000

Missionary couple share love for work in Africa

  If missionaries Jim and Brenda Brock had their way, they would still be living in Africa today. The Brocks, along with their daughter,... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Apr. 20 2000

Breast cancer survivors rely on faith, find support among church family

  In the 11th chapter of Hebrews, the writer begins by giving a good definition of what “faith” is. He says it is “the... [READ MORE]

Music | Apr. 20 2000

Music minister’s service spans several generations

When Bill McKinney scans faces of choir members at University Baptist Church, Huntsville, he sees generations of great-grandmothers, grandmothers... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 20 2000

Secret police send Baptist leaders home

  A Baptist leader who had been held in prison by Turkmenistan’s secret police (KNB) since Feb. 2 was deported from the Central Asian... [READ MORE]

Health | Apr. 20 2000

Wife, mother learns to live with breast cancer, continues service

A lump. That’s usually how it makes itself known. Mirta Vazquez discovered her lump in the shower. Nah, must be something else, she told... [READ MORE]

Men | Apr. 20 2000

Jennifer Knapp Lay it down

  For Jennifer Knapp, the words “hope” and “submission” are not to be taken lightly. On her sophomore project, lay... [READ MORE]

Canada | Apr. 20 2000

Bereavement seminar scheduled April 26

More than 2,400 organizations across the United States and Canada, including more than 20 in Alabama, will join together April 26 to host the... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Apr. 20 2000

Women find varying risk factors

  I am 27 years old, and I have breast cancer. The doctors haven’t found any indication that I have it, but I know I do. It just hasn’t... [READ MORE]