Events Promotion

Events Promotion | Dec. 11 2017

Shades Mountain ministry produces Christmas film

Online shopping is a multibillion-dollar enterprise fueled by the promise of quick and easy delivery right to the front door. But what would... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Dec. 4 2017

Union 3 Baptist to present “Christmas in Mayberry”

Union 3 Baptist Church will present “Christmas in Mayberry” on Dec. 9–10 at 6 p.m. each night. For more information, call the church... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 15 2017

Rockford Church to hold retirement reception for Wayne Henderson

CENTRAL Rockford Church will hold a retirement reception for Wayne Henderson, director of missions for Central Association, and his wife, Margaret,... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Oct. 24 2017

November conference urges pastors on in their race

When Richard L. Richie was in seminary, one of his professors told the classroom full of students that only two or so of them would stick with... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 4 2017

Looking for fall activity for your church group?

The Judgment Seat will return for its 26th year at Shiloh Baptist Church, Somerville, beginning Oct. 30. In the past 25 years, nearly 47,000... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Oct. 4 2017

Annual Pathways Professional Counseling conference addresses Cluster B personality disorders

Are you a counselor? Ever treated someone who dealt with antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Sep. 14 2017

Undone Redone founders featured in film; second showing added

A new film blending a cinematic retelling of the Prodigal Son story with contemporary stories of freedom in Christ will feature Traylor and Melody... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Sep. 12 2017

Bootcamp on disciple making coming in January

For more information about the Alabama D-Life Boot Camp, visit [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Aug. 11 2017

Talladega churches partner to benefit area nonprofits

Congregations from various denominations will once again come together for Talladega’s 5th Annual Afternoon of Praise, a fundraiser benefitting... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Jun. 8 2017

Defending the Faith Apologetics Conference coming Aug 7th.

Defending the Faith Apologetics conference will offer to participants engaging workshops on subjects such as the reliability of the Bible, evidences... [READ MORE]