Social Issues

Gender/Sexual Issues | Mar. 19 2015

Utah passes LGBT nondiscrimination bill

SALT LAKE CITY — After seven years of debate and a historic compromise, the Utah House of Representatives on March 11 voted final passage... [READ MORE]

Gender/Sexual Issues | Feb. 5 2015

Evangelical-Catholic coalition addresses same-sex ‘marriage’

In the wake of an interfaith Vatican conference on marriage in November 2014, a coalition of Roman Catholics and evangelicals — including... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Feb. 5 2015

As abortion rates decline, ERLC President Moore says there is still ‘much to be done’

The number and rate of abortions continue to decline as America passes the anniversary of Roe v. Wade and the sanctity of human life observances... [READ MORE]

Social Issues | Jan. 22 2015

Churches still struggle with diversity on Sunday mornings, study shows

Sunday morning remains one of the most segregated hours in American life with more than 8 in 10 congregations made up of one predominant racial... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 15 2015

Alabamian shares story of forgiveness, healing amid past with abortions

Starr Rogers was in her third trimester when the lady looked her square in the face and said it. “Go back to Alabama and have your baby.”... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Dec. 1 2014

BGR ministers to Africa on World AIDS Day

Rosemary opened up the five-gallon plastic bucket and pulled out gifts, including a set of new bed sheets. She clutched them to her chest. Her... [READ MORE]

National News | Nov. 27 2014

Churches urged to ‘transcend’ partisan politics

The Southern Baptist Convention’s top spokesman on public policy said he fears President Barack Obama’s decision to act unilaterally... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 23 2014

Faith and Family: Dealing with loneliness — Express your heart, concerns to God in loneliness, entrust Him to take care of you

Loneliness is a misty kind of thing. Loneliness is not quite the same as being alone. It is not necessarily solved by having people around. Synonyms... [READ MORE]

Addictions | Nov. 18 2014

Samford to help alleviate CP pain for Alabama Baptists

No scripts, no rehearsal — just straight from the heart. That’s how Samford University President Andrew Westmoreland addressed Alabama... [READ MORE]

International News | Nov. 13 2014

Islamist mob kills Christian couple accused of ‘blasphemy’

Commanded from mosque loudspeakers, a Muslim throng in Punjab Province of Pakistan killed a Christian couple Nov. 4 after a co-worker accused... [READ MORE]