About Alabama

About Alabama | Nov. 13 2008

About Alabama — Wanted: Service Partners

Alabama’s state prisons house more than 25,300 inmates but were designed to hold only 13,400. Severe overcrowding, therefore, represents a... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Oct. 16 2008

About Alabama — The Nov. 4 General Election

On Nov. 4, Alabamians will participate in a nationwide election for the president and vice president. We also will vote on five state officials... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Sep. 11 2008

About Alabama — Alabama’s High Infant Death Rate

Alabama’s infant death rate climbed to 10 per 1,000 live births in 2007, the highest level since 1998. According to the state Health Department,... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Aug. 14 2008

About Alabama — Benefits from Oil, Gas Prices

They say there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud. Like all other Americans, Alabamians have to pay more when fuel prices rise as they have... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jul. 10 2008

About Alabama — Children’s Health Care

  In the most recent assessment of state performance on children’s health issues, Alabama ranked 15th in the nation and first among all... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jun. 12 2008

About Alabama — Evaluating the Legislature’s Performance

The Alabama Legislature adjourned its 2008 regular session May 19. The basic task of lawmakers is to complete the state budget, without which... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | May. 8 2008

About Alabama — Looking at the Alabama Legislature

  Elections for office are at the heart of our form of government, and like 40 other states Alabama is committed to a “citizen legislature”... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 10 2008

About Alabama — Improving the Way Alabama Invests in Education

  The state’s education budget is in trouble. The Legislature authorized $6.7 billion in education spending for fiscal 2008, but the supporting... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Mar. 13 2008

About Alabama — Will Alabama Stay Economically Strong in 2008 and Beyond?

Alabama’s economic performance in recent years has been spectacular. The state’s economy has grown faster than the national economy in every... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Feb. 14 2008

About Alabama — 2008 Legislative Session Under Way

The Alabama Legislature convened for its 2008 session Feb. 5. To begin their work, the 35 senators and 105 representatives heard the governor’s... [READ MORE]