About Alabama

About Alabama | Jan. 10 2008

About Alabama — Important Decisions for 2008

The right to vote is the defining privilege of American government. Voting opportunities occur primarily in even-numbered years, and in 2008,... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Dec. 13 2007

About Alabama — Alabama Benefits From Federal Spending Patterns

The Census Bureau recently reported that spending by the federal government in 2005 totaled more than $7,500 per American. Alabama ranked ninth... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Nov. 8 2007

About Alabama — Fourth-grade Reading Gains

Alabama’s average fourth-grade reading score increased more than the average score of any other state on a recent national test. A sample of... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Oct. 11 2007

About Alabama — County Government

The state of Alabama is divided into 67 counties, each with a government headed by an elected commission. Counties once were basically rural... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Sep. 13 2007

About Alabama — Municipal Government

There are more than 450 cities and towns in Alabama, and 60 percent of the state’s residents live within their boundaries. An even greater... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Aug. 9 2007

About Alabama — Alabama’s transportation system

Alabama’s state and local governments maintain facilities that enable Alabamians to travel by land, air and water. Six percent of our governments’... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jul. 12 2007

About Alabama — Public Safety

Providing for public safety is a basic duty of government. Eight percent of all state and local government expenditures in Alabama are directed... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Jun. 14 2007

About Alabama — Health Care Issues

Personal health is a key issue for Alabamians and their governments. Health risks are generally high in Alabama, and more than a fourth of all... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | May. 10 2007

About Alabama — A public enterprise

One of every $5 spent by Alabama governments goes to educate the state’s 740,000 public school students. The schools, providing kindergarten... [READ MORE]

About Alabama | Apr. 12 2007

About Alabama — Tax revenues growing

Alabama has had more economic success in recent years than ever before. Unemployment has been at record lows, and the state’s personal income... [READ MORE]