Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews | Oct. 18 2017

Thought-provoking ‘Arrival’ tops October streaming

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Some movies can be summarized without divulging the major themes. “Arrival” (PG-13, 2016)... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Oct. 7 2017

Movie review — Same Kind of Different as Me (PG-13)

Paramount Pictures and Pure Flix “Same Kind of Different as Me” may be the first faith-based film with two Oscar winners and another... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Sep. 24 2017

Steve McQueen’s faith explored in powerful new documentary

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist He was the “king of cool,” the highest-paid actor in the world and the idol of moviegoers... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Sep. 16 2017

Movie based on ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ set for 2018 release

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist One of the most legendary and popular books in Christian history soon will have a big-screen... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Sep. 6 2017

Streaming this month

By Michael Foust Hulu • Akeelah and the Bee (PG, 2006) — An 11-year-old black girl from Los Angeles competes in the Scripps Howard National... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Aug. 23 2017

Movie review — Is Genesis History?

Is Genesis History? Thomas Purifoy Del Tackett knows he can’t convince everyone that the events described in Genesis are literally true. But... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | May. 5 2017

Movie Review — ‘Believe’

Believe Sony Pictures Home Entertainment I love clean movies with a wholesome theme and a happily-ever-after ending. This one fits the bill.... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Jan. 6 2017

Bobby Bowden documentary kicks off in theaters Jan. 8

Legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden and his family will kick-off the NCAA Football National Championship weekend Jan. 8 with the release... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Oct. 27 2016

Recently released film seeks to prompt youth movement for Christ

Columbine. Say that one word anywhere in the United States and people know what you’re talking about. The shooting at Columbine High School... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Sep. 22 2016

‘The Insanity of God’ docudrama scores at box office

NASHVILLE — Ticket sales for an encore showing of “The Insanity of God” in theaters Sept. 13 pushed box office receipts to $1.1 million.... [READ MORE]