Letters to the Editor | Mar. 2 2000

The Road Ahead

Your recent editorial in The Alabama Baptist (Feb. 17) addressed some challenges facing Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU). While some of your... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Mar. 2 2000

What Might Have Been

For Alabama Baptists who appreciate history and heritage, the story on page three of last week’s issue of the state Baptist paper must have... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Mar. 2 2000

What Is Your Vision for Our Church?

One of the questions frequently asked by pastor search committees is, “What is your vision for our church?” The question is well-intentioned.... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Feb. 24 2000

The Past and the Present

For three generations, it had been a wonderful country church. Pictures hanging in the hallway showed the old white frame building with scores... [READ MORE]

Letters to the Editor | Feb. 24 2000

Teachers Needed

Hundreds of Christian teachers are needed to staff English teaching programs in China during the summer of 2000. In the land that first captured... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Feb. 17 2000

Lee Faces Challenges in New Position

When Wanda Lee assumes the leadership of the national Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) March 1, she will face several immediate challenges. The... [READ MORE]

Letters to the Editor | Feb. 17 2000

Invaluable Resource

Thank you so much for the great Christ-centered paper you provide. I grew up in Alabama and have been away for 30 years, but my home church near... [READ MORE]

Music Reviews | Feb. 17 2000

Michael W. Smith

This is Your Time (Reunion) After almost two decades in the Christian music industry, Michael W. Smith continues to share a youthful understanding... [READ MORE]

Music Reviews | Feb. 17 2000

Nickel and Dime

When You Come Around (Grass Roots) “So when I speak and when I sing and with every testimony I bring/Lord, I’ll tell of You and Your-wonderworking... [READ MORE]

Churches | Feb. 17 2000

Churches in state making improvements

For many years the elegant design of First Baptist Church in Troy has been a landmark of the city. This year the church is celebrating its 150th... [READ MORE]