Alabama News | Jan. 20 2000

Conflict of Interest

Paige Patterson caught my attention in his written response to Rabbi Eckstein’s decision to suspend cooperation with the Southern Baptist... [READ MORE]

Book Reviews | Jan. 20 2000

Coming Clean

Jorge Valdes. Colorado Springs, Colo.: Waterbrook Press, 1999. 304 pp. $19.95 (hardback). The book’s subtitle is quite descriptive: “The... [READ MORE]

Spreading the Word | Jan. 20 2000

Getting back in touch worth the effort involved

Do you wonder what happened to special folks you knew years ago? If they are still alive, where are they? How are they doing? Recently I tracked... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Jan. 13 2000

Thoughts — A Lesson from the Arizona Tragedy

By Editor Bob Terry The circumstances surrounding the Arizona Baptist Foundation are a monumental tragedy. More than 13,000 investors stand to... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Jan. 13 2000

Thoughts — How Shall They Hear?

By Editor Bob Terry I was not prepared for what the consultant to our sound committee was saying.  I had anticipated a meeting discussing microphones,... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 13 2000

History Needed

Lebanon Baptist Church, Falkville, in Morgan County will be celebrating its 150th anniversary May 21. If anyone has old photos, documents, bulletins... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jan. 13 2000

Alabama Caretakers

After studying a recent Sunday School lesson on stewardship of the earth, it occurred to me that if Alabama Baptists were to rally together as... [READ MORE]

Editorials by Bob Terry | Jan. 6 2000

Thoughts — Living in an Uncertain Time

By Editor Bob Terry For the past few years, some people have dreaded the arrival of this week. The new century, what most people call the beginning... [READ MORE]

Heart to Heart | Jan. 6 2000

Fill new year with good deeds, bring blessings

The new year lies before us. At this point, it is spotless and shining. Each of us has time this year to fill with all kinds of thoughts and... [READ MORE]

Letters to the Editor | Jan. 1 2000

WMU contributions

On behalf of my spouse of more than 56 years who has loyally supported the Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU) and a daughter who has worked... [READ MORE]