Rashional Thoughts

Rashional Thoughts | Nov. 29 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Am I really letting everyone down?

Keeping count of the number of friends and family who feel they are letting everyone around them down can no longer be done with my fingers.... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Oct. 25 2017

Rashional Thoughts — You get what you pay for

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Justification is an interesting action. Have you ever noticed how much you justify to yourself or... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Sep. 27 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Processing reality of suicide

The details are foggy about that morning but the tragic reality never leaves me. I remember the call, the intense grief and the hours my younger... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Aug. 30 2017

Rashional Thoughts: Embrace — don’t fear — pushback

The pastor seemed sad but determined as we talked. His young adult daughters had recently left the denomination and he was disappointed. They... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Jul. 26 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Simple act of love or veiled criticism?

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist My attempt at a gentle teaching moment for a child I’m close to but who is not my actual child wasn’t... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Jun. 30 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Touch of kindness makes a difference

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist Big Jim didn’t like the formality at all. “James Salles” on his nametag just wouldn’t do.... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 25 2017

Rashional Thoughts — I can fix that — but should I?

How has life been this week? Working through any disappointments? It’s hard for me to watch anyone be let down. I tend to take responsibility... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | May. 1 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Introverts living in extroverted world

She bounced into The Alabama Baptist student intern role with no hesitation, blending right in with the staff in such a way that we felt as if... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Mar. 29 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Helping carry their pain

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist It’s been four years since I wrote this particular Rashional Thoughts. I wanted to share it again... [READ MORE]

Rashional Thoughts | Feb. 27 2017

Rashional Thoughts — Called for a specific moment

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist “We built this city, we built this city on rock and roll.” When I read Nehemiah, Jefferson... [READ MORE]