Religion News

Europe | Jul. 20 2017

Author of 10th-century Scripture identified

CAMBRIDGE, England — The author of a 10th-century collection of Scriptures has been identified as the same scribe who wrote the earliest known... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jul. 1 2017

Raids on Baptist worship meetings increasing

TARAZ, Kazakhstan — A growing number of Baptist congregations in Taraz, Kazakhstan, are being scrunitized by state police. Some worship meetings... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Jul. 1 2017

Deporting Chaldean Christians ‘a death sentence’

WASHINGTON — Southern Baptist religious freedom advocate Russell Moore has joined other evangelical leaders in urging the Trump administration... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 30 2017

Christian families forced into Hindu ritual

JALALABAD, India — Villagers in India’s Uttar Pradesh state beat Christians, forced them to participate in Hindu rituals and have refused... [READ MORE]

United States | Jun. 18 2017

Half of U.S. adults consider abortion morally wrong

WASHINGTON — While Americans have yet to find consensus on making abortion either completely legal or completely illegal, the largest segment... [READ MORE]

United States | Jun. 17 2017

Illinois pastor, wife steal from kids’ food program

CHICAGO — Pastor Robbie Wilkerson and his wife, Tasha, admitted taking more than $100,000 from a summer food program for low-income children.... [READ MORE]

United States | Jun. 15 2017

Couple charged with murder; faith played role

OREGON CITY, Oregon — Faith-healing prayers and oil chosen over medical assistance has landed an Oregon couple in jail charged with murder,... [READ MORE]

United States | Jun. 13 2017

Religion still relevant in 21st-century life, study finds

WASHINGTON — According to a May poll done by Gallup and reported June 2, 55 percent of Americans say religion can answer most or all problems.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 12 2017

Hindu villagers come to Christ; pastor punished

HYDERABAD, India — Hard-line Hindus in southern India, upset that members of their caste-based group have become Christians, burned down a... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jun. 11 2017

Christians killed for refusing to cite Muslim creed

MINDANAO, Philippines — Eight Christians were among 19 civilians killed by an Islamic extremist group in the Philippines on May 23. And more... [READ MORE]