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Africa | Sep. 22 2017

Sudanese police arrest 7 church leaders

OMDURMAN, Sudan — Police in Sudan arrested and interrogated seven church leaders in late August in Omdurman, Sudan, before releasing them on... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 21 2017

Windows honoring Confederates removed

WASHINGTON — Following “considerable prayer and discussion” prompted by the August protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, Washington National... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 17 2017

Sudanese police raid homes of church leaders

OMDURMAN, Sudan — In further efforts to help a Muslim businessman take over church property, police in Sudan evicted two church leaders and... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 15 2017

Herdsmen attack Christian farmers in Nigeria

RIYOM, Nigeria — Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacks on predominantly Christian Berom farmers in Plateau state, Nigeria, amount to “economic terrorism,”... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 13 2017

Egypt closes church, blocks worship at another

MINYA, Egypt — Egyptian officials have closed at least 15 Christian worship sites in the Upper Egypt bishopric of Minya and blocked worship... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 10 2017

Child suicide bombings at all-time high

DORO GOWON, Nigeria — Boko Haram’s abuse of children as suicide bombers is at an all-time high in the Lake Chad region including northeast... [READ MORE]

Europe | Sep. 10 2017

Iceland Down syndrome babies aborted

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — Virtually 100 percent of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome in Iceland are aborted, according to an Aug. 14 CBS News... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 9 2017

Overseas military presence smallest in 60 years

WASHINGTON — For the first time in six decades, the U.S. military presence overseas has dropped below 200,000 active-duty troops, according... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 8 2017

Anti-trafficking ministry allowed to stay open

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — A major Christian anti-trafficking ministry narrowly escaped getting shut down after a CNN segment on child sex trafficking... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 4 2017

Coach Kennedy loses appeal to pray in public

BREMERTON, Wash. — Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy lost his appeal Aug. 23 at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled... [READ MORE]