Religion News

Asia | Mar. 12 2018

Christians in Malaysia fight to leave Islam

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia — Christian leaders continue to hold hope for change after the highest court in Malaysia refused to hear an appeal by four... [READ MORE]

Asia | Mar. 11 2018

Tighter state control imposed in Tajikistan

DUSHANBE, Tajikistan — New amendments to Tajikistan’s already restrictive Religion Law passed in January will further restrict freedom of... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 11 2018

Church building demolished in Zanzibar

ZANZIBAR, c — A congregation of about 100 members on the semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar in Tanzania has been without a place to worship... [READ MORE]

Asia | Mar. 10 2018

Bible burning in India shows hostility

SINGOTAM, India — Hindu extremists in southern India issued harsh threats to Christians distributing Bibles before snatching their car keys,... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Mar. 4 2018

Mob demands arrest of Pakistani Christian

DHER, Pakistan — Hundreds of Christian families fled their homes Feb. 19 after Muslim protestors called for the death of a young Christian... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 3 2018

Church in Sudan demolished without notice

KHARTOUM NORTH, South Sudan — Officials sent a bulldozer accompanied by police to tear down the Evangelical Church in Al Haj Yousif in Khartoum... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 1 2018

Christian convert in Uganda needs prayers

KATAKA, Uganda — In a village in eastern Uganda, Munabi Abudallah lost his wife and seven children a day after putting his faith in Christ.... [READ MORE]

North America | Feb. 26 2018

Gay ‘marriage’ reversed by Bermuda Legislature

HAMILTON, Bermuda — The Bermuda Legislature has outlawed same-sex “marriage” only months after the Bermuda Supreme Court approved such... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 25 2018

Walgreens to allow bathroom choice

DEERFIELD, Ill. — A new companywide policy permits customers at Walgreens stores to use the store bathroom that aligns with their gender identity.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Feb. 25 2018

Priest, others wounded in sword attack

YOGYAKARTA, Indonesia — A Muslim extremist attacked a Catholic church in Indonesia on Feb. 11, wounding a priest, two worshippers and a police... [READ MORE]