Religion News

Africa | Feb. 20 2017

Sudanese court sentences missionary to prison

KHARTOUM, Sudan — A Czech missionary who also works as a journalist was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison by a Sudanese court Jan.... [READ MORE]

Europe | Feb. 20 2017

‘Pregnant people’ phrase to be more inclusive

LONDON — The British Medical Association (BMA) has asked its doctors to refrain from calling pregnant women “mothers” in order to be sensitive... [READ MORE]

Europe | Feb. 20 2017

Norway church sanctifies same-sex ‘marriage’

OSLO, Norway — Starting Feb. 1, Norway’s Evangelical Lutheran Church began granting church weddings and blessings to same-sex couples, breaking... [READ MORE]

Religion News | Feb. 19 2017

Lay preacher fired for beliefs receives settlement

A Christian public health expert and lay preacher fired from Georgia’s Department of Public Health in 2014 settled a lawsuit with the state... [READ MORE]

Religion News | Feb. 18 2017

Evangelical leaders oppose refugee ban in letter

WASHINGTON — Prominent Southern Baptists Danny Akin and Ed Stetzer are among 100 evangelical leaders who signed a letter published in a full... [READ MORE]

Religion News | Feb. 18 2017

School district prohibits Christian group’s flyers

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A school district in Indiana has banned a local Christian group from distributing flyers after an atheist organization demanded... [READ MORE]

Religion News | Feb. 18 2017

Faith leaders eager for Trump to fill position

WASHINGTON — With religious persecution intensifying worldwide, a number of religious leaders, scholars and human rights advocates are encouraging... [READ MORE]

United States | Feb. 17 2017

Alabama among states with lowest percentage of LGBT-identifying residents

By Michael C. Smith Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Alabama is among the states with the lowest percentage of adults who identified themselves... [READ MORE]

United States | Feb. 12 2017

Pro-life student group sues NYC college  

NEW YORK — After being sued in late January a New York college has changed its mind on whether to officially recognize a pro-life student organization.... [READ MORE]

United States | Feb. 12 2017

Boy Scouts now allow transgender boys

IRVING, Texas — The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced Jan. 30 it will accept transgender children who identify as boys into its historically... [READ MORE]