Africa | Aug. 15 2017

Khartoum, Sudan, state parliament reject order for Christian schools to open on Sundays

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Members of the Khartoum, Sudan, state parliament have rejected an order by the minister of education stating all Christian... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 31 2017

Food aid reaches Christians in Nigeria

BORNO, Nigeria — Food aid is beginning to reach Nigerian Christians and others displaced by Boko Haram violence in the Lake Chad Basin, World... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 22 2017

Kenya’s government to employ school chaplains

NAIROBI, Kenya — Religious leaders in Kenya have welcomed a government move to recruit chaplains for all public high schools as a measure intended... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 21 2017

Sudanese authorities demolish church building

SOBA AL ARADI, South Sudan — Khartoum state authorities in Sudan demolished a church building May 7 as Christians were preparing to worship,... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 20 2017

Egyptian Sunni Muslim leader organizes call for peace

On the heels of two Palm Sunday church bombings that killed dozens of Christians in Egypt, Pope Francis visited Cairo to take part in a World... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 14 2017

Muslim extremists destroy pastor’s farm

NAIROBI, Kenya — A pastor in eastern Uganda is without his home, farm and church building after a band of nine Muslim extremists armed with... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 20 2017

Church elder dies after being stabbed during raid

OMDURMAN, Sudan — A church elder died April 3 from injuries sustained in a raid on an embattled Christian school in Omdurman, Sudan, sources... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 20 2017

Coptic Christians persevere after Palm Sunday bombings

CAIRO — As Coptic Christians buried more than 40 killed in terrorist bombings during Palm Sunday services in Egypt, the head of the Coptic... [READ MORE]

Africa | Apr. 17 2017

Displacement camps refuse food to Christians

ABUJA, Nigeria — Christians fleeing terrorist group Boko Haram in Nigeria are being kept from getting food and other aid at a number of displacement... [READ MORE]

Africa | Mar. 20 2017

Stampede at prayer meeting leaves 8 dead, 28 injured

LUSAKA, Zambia — At least eight people died and 28 were injured in a stampede for free food at a Church of Christ prayer meeting March 5 in... [READ MORE]