Africa | Nov. 3 2016

Kenyan church fearful after Islamic attack

MANDERA, Kenya — Church members in a northeastern town in Kenya fear for their lives after six people died in a gun and grenade attack by Islamic... [READ MORE]

Africa | Oct. 27 2016

Baptists ask for prayer for Ethiopian unrest

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Baptists in Ethiopia are asking for prayer after more than two months of unrest have cost the nation hundreds of lives.... [READ MORE]

Africa | Oct. 13 2016

Ugandan woman beaten for attending church

BUDAKA, Uganda — A Muslim in Uganda beat his wife unconscious for attending a church service Sept. 18, sources said. Hussein Kasolo had recently... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 29 2016

Christian school taken over in South Sudan by police

MADANI, South Sudan — Authorities in southeastern Sudan arrested the headmaster of a Christian school in mid-September and took over the school’s... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 29 2016

Ethiopian woman beaten by husband for converting

BOKULU BOMA, Ethiopia — A woman in Ethiopia had been a Christian for six weeks when her husband found out and beat her for leaving Islam, sources... [READ MORE]

Africa | Sep. 29 2016

Muslim militants attack, kill 26 in Christian community

NDOMETE, Central African Republic — Muslim militants slaughtered 26 civilians in a predominantly Christian village in the Central African Republic... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 23 2016

Muslims stab, attack non-Muslim in Nigeria

KAKURI, Nigeria — Young Muslim men stabbed a non-Muslim in Kaduna state, Nigeria, on June 7 for failing to observe a daytime fast during the... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 23 2016

Christian homes looted, torched by Muslim mob in Egypt

AL-BEIDA, Egypt — Christians in Al-Beida village in Egypt recently wanted to turn a building into a church but their goal was abruptly stopped... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 2 2016

Publicity surrounding Chibok girl’s escape questioned

The escape of a Chibok schoolgirl from Boko Haram is being exploited by the Nigerian government as an accomplishment in efforts to recover more... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 2 2016

Legislation would criminalize street evangelism

KADUNA, Nigeria — Street evangelists would be fined and “offensive” preaching at church services would send pastors to jail for up to two... [READ MORE]