Asia | Jan. 10 2018

Indian seminarians detained for caroling

SATNA, India — A group of 32 Catholic seminary carolers in the Satna district of Madhya Pradesh were detained Dec. 14, 2017, following allegations... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 7 2018

Christians beaten, falsely charged, jailed

NEW DELHI, India — Seven Christians in India have been booked on charges of hurting religious feelings after Hindu extremists savagely beat... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 4 2018

Hindu extremists beat pastors in India

HYDERABAD, India — Berating and slapping two pastors into signing an apology letter before police, a mob of about 70 Hindu extremists stopped... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 13 2017

Restrictions on worship continue in Kazakhstan

EKIBASTUZ, Kazakhstan — Local police in Kazakhstan continue their crackdown on Christian church services. In October police raided the Sunday... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 11 2017

Officials replace religious images in China

HUANGJINBU, China — In China’s Jiangxi province, officials are removing religious images and replacing them with portraits of Xi Jinping,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 10 2017

At least 25 Christians killed in Philippines

MARAWI, Philippines — Muslim militants reportedly targeted Christians during a six-month-long conflict on the Philippine island of Mindanao,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 4 2017

Churches ordered to stop holding worship

CHENNAI, India — Officials and police in India’s Tamil Nadu state have ordered 10 churches to discontinue worship services, sources said.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 3 2017

Pastor beaten after leading families to Christ

HYDERABAD, India — Weeks after a pastor led five families to faith in Christ in southern India, masked men on motorbikes intercepted him and... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 19 2017

Nepal enacts law against religious conversion

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Converting to another religion is now a crime in Nepal, thanks to a bill signed into law Oct. 16 by President Bidhya Devi... [READ MORE]

Asia | Oct. 28 2017

Christian teen arrested for online comments

HYDERABAD, India — A Christian teenager in northern India was jailed for 12 days after anti-Hindu comments appeared on a fake Facebook account... [READ MORE]