Asia | May. 11 2017

Fines, raids increase on churches in Kazakhstan

TEMIRTAU, Kazakhstan — Police recently raided two Baptist meetings for worship on Easter in the Kazakhstan central city of Temirtau and the... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 12 2017

Pastor, college student tricked, beaten in India

BEGUSARAI, India — Police in eastern India obeyed Hindu extremists’ orders not to interfere as they beat a pastor and a Bible college student,... [READ MORE]

Asia | Mar. 20 2017

Russia deports first foreigner for ‘missionary activity’

NABEREZHNYE CHELNY, Russia — The first known deportation of a foreigner for allegedly violating a new religion law (commonly called the “law... [READ MORE]

Asia | Mar. 5 2017

Pastor in India beaten for praying for healing

HYDERABAD, India — A week after a pastor fell into a coma following harassment by hardline Hindus in southern India, a gang of Hindu extremists... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 14 2017

Gangs beat Christians trying to defend their church property

SHIJIAZHUANG, China — Gangs hired by China’s Communist regime beat Christians in the northern Hebei province after they attempted to keep... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 14 2017

Chinese woman sentenced to prison for Bible study

URUMQI, China — A woman in China’s western Xinjiang region has been given a three-year prison term for having a Bible study, with the court... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 22 2016

Christians acquitted after six months in jail

CHARIKOT, Nepal — Eight Christians accused of trying to convert children with a comic book were acquitted by a Nepali court Dec. 6, according... [READ MORE]

Asia | Dec. 1 2016

Persecuted North Korean Christians pray for West

In North Korea, Christians are hunted down, imprisoned and murdered. And in the face of that kind of persecution, they’re not praying for their... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 10 2016

‘No let up’ of persecution in North Korea

PYONGYANG, North Korea — The persecution of Christians in North Korea continues at horrifying levels, according to Open Doors, an organization... [READ MORE]

Asia | Oct. 13 2016

Muslims convicted in murders of Christians

ISTANBUL, Turkey — Authorities in Turkey recently arrested five Muslim nationalists convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the torture... [READ MORE]