Asia | May. 5 2016

Christians detained, fined in Turkmenistan

ASHGABAD, Turkmenistan — In two separate incidents in February, Turkmenistan state officials moved to stop Protestants exercising their right... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 5 2016

Christian couple in China buried alive; wife dies

ZHUMADIAN, China — A Christian house church leader and his wife were buried alive for protesting the government-ordered demolition of their... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 28 2016

Hindu extremists chase, attack Indian pastor

KARAOTE, India — Pastor Ram Prakash, 52, was assaulted by Hindu extremists after crashing his motorcyle on his way home from visiting Christian... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 28 2016

ISIS claims responsibility for killing Christian convert

Kurigram, Bangladesh — The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the fatal stabbing of a 68-year-old Christian... [READ MORE]

Asia | Mar. 3 2016

Bissey family takes gospel to remote islands of Indonesia

Few signs point the way to the village where Carter Bissey is heading. Well into the three-hour drive across the Indonesian island, somewhere... [READ MORE]

Asia | Feb. 24 2016

Christianity sees surge of growth in Global South, IMB research shows

In U.S. terms, the take-out order would include 100 pizzas instead of just 10 in order to feed all the Christians gathered for fellowship. That,... [READ MORE]

Africa | Feb. 18 2016

Pope, Russia’s patriarch meet for first time

At a historic meeting Feb. 12, Pope Francis and Russia’s Orthodox Patriarch Kirill of Moscow signed a joint declaration on the issue of persecuted... [READ MORE]

Asia | Feb. 11 2016

Pastor in India feels privileged to suffer for Christ

ORAI, India — A pastor in northern India who was beaten and paraded through streets with his head half-shaved as crowds called for him to be... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 28 2016

North Korea ranks No. 1 as most dangerous country for Christians

As North Korea once again held its spot for the 14th consecutive year as the most dangerous country for Christians, religious persecution on... [READ MORE]

Asia | Jan. 21 2016

Police officers harm 2 Christians in India

THOMAS NAGAR, India — Police hostility toward Christians in India continued as officers in Tamil Nadu reviled two Christians for their faith... [READ MORE]