Asia | Sep. 15 2016

Baptists fined; Kazakhs to face harsher law

KALBATAU, Kazakhstan — Seven Baptists who met for worship in East Kazakhstan Region were recently fined for meeting without state permission.... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 15 2016

Security guards help prevent mass killing in Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan — Swift action by security forces prevented a major tragedy in northwestern Pakistan after four Taliban suicide attackers... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 15 2016

Christian women forced to convert, marry

HAJIPUR, Pakistan — Forced conversions and abduction of Christian girls in Pakistan has risen at an alarming rate, said Nasir Saeed, director... [READ MORE]

Asia | Sep. 1 2016

Violence against Christians rising in India

At least 134 incidents of violence against Christians in India were carried out in the first half of 2016 alone, compared with 147 incidents... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 26 2016

Christians in India beaten by Hindu extremists

TEWARDIH, India — Police in India initially declined to take action after Hindu extremists tortured one Christian and severely beat another,... [READ MORE]

Africa | May. 12 2016

Report shows religious freedom deteriorating worldwide

Religious freedom remains under “serious and sustained assault” around the globe, according to a new annual report from the U.S. Commission... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 5 2016

Christians detained, fined in Turkmenistan

ASHGABAD, Turkmenistan — In two separate incidents in February, Turkmenistan state officials moved to stop Protestants exercising their right... [READ MORE]

Asia | May. 5 2016

Christian couple in China buried alive; wife dies

ZHUMADIAN, China — A Christian house church leader and his wife were buried alive for protesting the government-ordered demolition of their... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 28 2016

Hindu extremists chase, attack Indian pastor

KARAOTE, India — Pastor Ram Prakash, 52, was assaulted by Hindu extremists after crashing his motorcyle on his way home from visiting Christian... [READ MORE]

Asia | Apr. 28 2016

ISIS claims responsibility for killing Christian convert

Kurigram, Bangladesh — The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the fatal stabbing of a 68-year-old Christian... [READ MORE]