Europe | Mar. 20 2017

US Democrats urge Romania to support gay ‘marriage’

BUCHAREST, Romania — Thirty-seven Democrats in the U.S. Congress have told Romania’s parliament not to allow a referendum supported by 3... [READ MORE]

Europe | Feb. 20 2017

‘Pregnant people’ phrase to be more inclusive

LONDON — The British Medical Association (BMA) has asked its doctors to refrain from calling pregnant women “mothers” in order to be sensitive... [READ MORE]

Europe | Feb. 20 2017

Norway church sanctifies same-sex ‘marriage’

OSLO, Norway — Starting Feb. 1, Norway’s Evangelical Lutheran Church began granting church weddings and blessings to same-sex couples, breaking... [READ MORE]

Europe | Jan. 29 2017

UK changes how it grants religious asylum

LONDON — The United Kingdom (U.K.) government is now assessing the claims of asylum seekers differently after humanitarian groups expressed... [READ MORE]

Europe | Jan. 28 2017

First synagogue opens in Palermo, Sicily

PALERMO, Sicily — More than 500 years after the Jews were expelled from Sicily, a tiny Jewish community opened its first synagogue in the island’s... [READ MORE]

Europe | Dec. 22 2016

Vatican reaffirms decision to ban gay priests

VATICAN CITY — A Vatican decision to reaffirm its opposition to gay priests has angered activists who thought Pope Francis was changing Rome’s... [READ MORE]

Europe | Dec. 15 2016

Catholic Church accused of inflating numbers

OSLO, Norway — Norway’s Roman Catholic Church has reportedly been slapped with a $140,000 fine for inflating its membership numbers with... [READ MORE]

Europe | Dec. 1 2016

Persecution of Christians on rise, report finds

BRUSSELS, Belgium — The majority of the world still doesn’t have religious freedom — in fact, persecution of Christians is getting worse,... [READ MORE]

Europe | Nov. 10 2016

Russian missionary fights for religious freedom

ORYOL, Russia — A Baptist missionary convicted under Russia’s new anti-evangelism law and compelled to end his ministry there has lost his... [READ MORE]

Europe | Nov. 10 2016

Muslim refugees in Athens give up all they know for Christ

By David Crabb Mobilization and development director, Training Leaders International The spirit of Athens, Greece, lies at the crossroads between... [READ MORE]