Middle East

Middle East | Apr. 22 2017

Church groups rebuild homes destroyed by IS

BAGHDAD, Iraq — As a number of Iraqi Christians are returning to the homes they left behind when the Islamic State group attacked, three major... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Apr. 17 2017

Christians in Pakistan stand firm in prison

LAHORE, Pakistan — Two Christians imprisoned on terrorism charges were reportedly told that if they renounced their faith and converted to... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Apr. 15 2017

Iranian Christians imprisoned for faith practices

TEHRAN, Iran — A convert from Islam found out in mid-March that an Iranian appeals court decided in December 2016 to uphold his five-year prison... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Mar. 20 2017

Archaeologists uncover palace of biblical king in Iraq

NINEVAH, Iraq — Archaeologists in Iraq recently uncovered the ancient palace of biblical King Sennacherib, buried for millennia underneath... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Mar. 20 2017

Cross on hill represents hope for village in Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq — A giant cross now stands on a hill near Mosul, Iraq, to celebrate a village that is being rebuilt after its liberation from the... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Mar. 20 2017

Islamic State terror group kills 7 in Egypt

EL-ARISH, Egypt — In Egypt’s North Sinai province, the Islamic State (IS) terror group has killed seven Christians in three weeks and hundreds... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Mar. 5 2017

Teenage boy in jail on blasphemy charge

LAHORE, Pakistan — A 16-year-old Christian in Pakistan is languishing in jail under a baseless blasphemy charge after a judge declined to grant... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Feb. 11 2017

Suspects charged with burning homes acquitted

LAHORE, Pakistan — A judge in Pakistan recently acquitted all 115 suspects charged with burning more than 150 homes belonging to Christians... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Jan. 14 2017

Christian man receives blasphemy charge in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan — Muslims in Pakistan have filed a blasphemy charge against a Christian in retaliation for refusing their demand that he and... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 22 2016

Church bombed in Egypt; 24 people killed

CAIRO, Egypt — At least 24 people were killed and 49 injured after a Dec. 11 blast near Cairo’s main Coptic Christian Cathedral in Egypt,... [READ MORE]