Middle East

Middle East | Jan. 14 2017

Christian man receives blasphemy charge in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan — Muslims in Pakistan have filed a blasphemy charge against a Christian in retaliation for refusing their demand that he and... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 22 2016

Church bombed in Egypt; 24 people killed

CAIRO, Egypt — At least 24 people were killed and 49 injured after a Dec. 11 blast near Cairo’s main Coptic Christian Cathedral in Egypt,... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 8 2016

Christian TV channels now illegal to air in Pakistan

LAHORE, Pakistan — Pakistan’s television regulatory body has now made it illegal to air Christian TV channels in the nation, a move that... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 8 2016

Muslim extremists target Coptic Christians

AL-NAGAMEESH, Egypt — Dozens of Coptic Christians in northern Egypt are rebuilding their lives after Muslim extremists attacked them Nov. 25... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 8 2016

Court sentences men to death for Christian killings

LAHORE, Pakistan — Two years after a Muslim mob burned a Christian couple to death in a brick kiln, a Pakistani court has sentenced five men... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 1 2016

Rape victim arrested for having ‘extra-marital sex’

DUBAI — A British woman who says she was gang raped in Dubai was arrested for having illegal “extra-marital sex,” according to The Christian... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Dec. 1 2016

Underground Church growing in Iran

Just as Matthew 16:18 proclaims the Church will be built and “the gates of Hades will not overcome it,” so it is in the Middle East. Even... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 17 2016

Christians in Iran to be lashed for communion wine

TEHRAN, Iran — Three Iranian Christians sentenced to receive 80 lashes for drinking wine during a communion service filed an appeal Oct. 25... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 17 2016

Judge quits over feared Pakistani mob attack

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — The judge set to preside over a Pakistani mother’s last appeal against her death sentence suddenly resigned from his... [READ MORE]

Middle East | Nov. 17 2016

Christian 9 year old tortured, released after 4 days

QUETTA, Pakistan — A 9-year-old Christian boy accused of burning a copy of the Quran, Islam’s holy book, was arrested Oct. 21 and reportedly... [READ MORE]