United States

Top Stories | Oct. 9 2017

Muslim college buys Lutheran seminary campus

BERKELEY, Calif. — A Muslim liberal arts college that offers subjects such as Islamic law alongside courses in math and philosophy has bought... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 8 2017

Church that meets under bridge marks 25 years

WACO, Texas — A church that meets under a highway bridge in Waco, Texas, recently celebrated 25 years of service among the city’s homeless... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 6 2017

Pastor, Christian politician sentenced for scams

VALLEJO, Calif. — A California pastor and a Christian politician in Tennessee were each sentenced in September to more than 20 years in prison... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 29 2017

Trump administration supports Christian baker

LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Christian baker Jack Phillips recently got support for his case from the Trump administration, which filed a friend-of-the-court... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 25 2017

Majority of US parents choose public schools

WASHINGTON — Eighty-five percent of parents in the United States choose to send their children to public schools. That was the finding of a... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 25 2017

State constitutions mention ‘God’ or ‘divine’

WASHINGTON — “God” or “the divine” is mentioned in all 50 state constitutions, even though such things are never explicitly mentioned... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 21 2017

Windows honoring Confederates removed

WASHINGTON — Following “considerable prayer and discussion” prompted by the August protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, Washington National... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 9 2017

Overseas military presence smallest in 60 years

WASHINGTON — For the first time in six decades, the U.S. military presence overseas has dropped below 200,000 active-duty troops, according... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 4 2017

Coach Kennedy loses appeal to pray in public

BREMERTON, Wash. — Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy lost his appeal Aug. 23 at the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which ruled... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Aug. 31 2017

Transgender students win legal battles

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Two schools accused of discrimination against transgender students recently resorted to payout settlements and policy changes.... [READ MORE]