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Top Stories | Feb. 14 2017

Is Valentine’s Day a Christian holiday?

By Wade Paris The Shepherd Calls Is Valentine’s Day a Christian holiday? Well, yes and no. No it is not a day on the Christian calendar like... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 11 2017

Missing assistant pastors found in Burmese prison 

MAE SOT, Thailand — Two Baptist pastors who had disappeared Dec. 24, 2016, after visiting a military base in northeastern Burma have been located.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 10 2017

Several missing after Muslim mob attacks prayer meeting 

KATIRA, Uganda — A pastor in eastern Uganda and eight other Christians are missing two weeks after a Muslim mob attacked a church prayer meeting,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 10 2017

Who are the evangelicals? Part 6

By Kenneth B.E. Roxburgh Special to The Alabama Baptist Anglicanism emerged out of the 16th century medieval Catholic Church. The history of... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 10 2017

Communist Party in China fears rapid growth of Christian faith

As Christians now far outnumber members of the Communist Party in China, the Chinese government is focusing heavily on forcing Christians to... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 9 2017

Americans split over Syrian refugee situation, survey says

Americans have historically been opposed to admitting large numbers of refugees from war-torn countries, and tepid public support for U.S. resettlement... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 9 2017

Boko Haram attempts to drive out Christians

More than 900 churches have been destroyed in Nigeria as a reported war on Christians continues at the hands of Islamic radical group Boko Haram.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 9 2017

Birmingham Association diversifies VBS training opportunities

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Audrey Krier said when it comes to Alabama Baptist churches and summer, one thing is universal — and... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 8 2017

Endowment named for Elizabeth Wells

Veteran archivist Elizabeth Wells (left at podium) receives a surprise announcement Jan. 31 during the Samford University Library White Glove... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Feb. 8 2017

Christians challenged to protect, care for human life at all stages

The sanctity and dignity of human life require Christians to care not only for the unborn but for all people at all stages of life, speakers... [READ MORE]