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Financial | Oct. 6 2016

Trust, prayer, planning can help with financial stress

By Howard Dayton Co-founder, Crown Financial Ministries Remember, God assures us He will always supply our needs, but He has not promised to... [READ MORE]

Financial | Oct. 6 2016

Economy, stewardship, attendance trends all impact church finances

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist If the statistic that 1 in 5 churches saw their finances decline in 2015 is accurate, there must be a reason... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 6 2016

Operation Christmas Child: Making an eternal impact through shoeboxes

By Neisha Roberts The Alabama Baptist Forty-four days, seven hours, 55 minutes and 30 seconds, 29, 28, 27. At press time there was only a little... [READ MORE]

Church Staff | Oct. 6 2016

Practical ways churches, members can say ‘thank you’ during Pastor Appreciation Month

By Denise George Special to The Alabama Baptist Pastor Appreciation Month in October gives us as church members some unique opportunities to... [READ MORE]

International News | Oct. 6 2016

International Days of Prayer for Persecuted Church marks 20 years

The International Days of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP) was started because there was “a great need of prayer for the increasing... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 6 2016

Youth Choir Festival 2016 hosts ‘largest gathering of choir members’

By Doug Rogers Special to The Alabama Baptist More than 700 middle and high school students from 17 churches representing 11 associations participated... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 6 2016

Senior adults valuable segment of church population

By Carrie Brown McWhorter Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist There may be more millennials than Baby Boomers alive today, but Americans 65 and... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Oct. 6 2016

Alabama chief justice suspended from role

MONTGOMERY — Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended for the rest of his term after the Alabama Court of Judiciary passed the ruling... [READ MORE]

Sports | Oct. 6 2016

God, not baseball is ultimate goal, Tim Lopes says

By Bill Sorrell Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist While Tim Lopes wants to play in the big leagues, his ultimate goal is bigger than the majors.... [READ MORE]

Ministries | Sep. 29 2016

For Writers: Writers’ motivation must come from within whether self-publishing, traditional publishing

So you’ve got that idea burning in your mind, that story itching in your fingers. It’s a book — and you believe it needs to be written... [READ MORE]