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Top Stories | Sep. 6 2018

Mormon leaders oppose marijuana bill

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — On Aug. 23, a general authority of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) expressed the organization’s... [READ MORE]

United States | Sep. 5 2018

Bob Smietana named RNS editor-in-chief

COLUMBIA, Mo. — Religion News Service (RNS), an independent news service on religion, spirituality and ethics, has appointed Bob Smietana as... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Sep. 5 2018

Honor killing leads to death penalty in Texas

HOUSTON — A conservative Muslim has been sentenced to death in what prosecutors described as the honor killings of his daughter’s American... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 29 2018

Marijuana use highest in young adults

WASHINGTON — Approximately one in four American adults 18–29 report regularly or occasionally using marijuana, according to a recent Gallup... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 29 2018

Pennsylvania officials allege widespread abuse

PITTSBURGH — On Aug. 14 Pennsylvania officials unveiled a report detailing accusations that Catholic priests sexually abused more than 1,000... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 29 2018

Colorado cake baker sues state again

DENVER — The Colorado baker whose refusal to make a wedding cake for a gay couple led to a U.S. Supreme Court decision is suing the state again... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 29 2018

Harvard sorority disbands over new rules

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — A sorority at Harvard University has chosen to disband rather than go co-ed. In May the local chapter of the national Delta... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 15 2018

Willow Creek Church pastors, elders resign

CHICAGO — Both lead pastors and the entire board of elders of Willow Creek Community Church have resigned following new allegations of sexual... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 15 2018

Retiree chooses ministry to reach the lost

WINGO, Ky. — At a stage in life when most people are settling into retirement, 66-year-old Forrest Ivy is launching a new career as a Kentucky... [READ MORE]

United States | Aug. 8 2018

Christians sue to continue home groups

PITTSBURGH — A Christian couple in Pennsylvania has filed a lawsuit after being ordered by government officials to stop using their private... [READ MORE]