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October 26, 2000

Don’t Cut Your Pastor’s Salary

Some reader is bound to ask, “What do you mean, cut the pastor’s salary?” in response to the headline of this column. Churches don’t ... [READ MORE]

October 19, 2000

You Will Want to Be Present

In less than a month messengers from Baptist churches across Alabama will gather for the 178th annual session of the Alabama Baptist State Convention ... [READ MORE]

October 12, 2000

Another Cooperative Program Victory

October is Cooperative Program month among Southern Baptists. It is a time when members celebrate the principles of cooperation that allow Baptists ... [READ MORE]

October 5, 2000

The Way It Should Be

“That is the way it should be,” said a pastor friend. Others sitting around the table nodded in agreement. They were responding to a description ... [READ MORE]

September 28, 2000

Timeless Lessons from Children’s Letters

Kids say the darndest things.” That is a line from the old “Art Linkletter Show.” In one of the TV series’ best known segments, the host ... [READ MORE]

September 21, 2000

How Should We Use Our Talents?

All of us know the surprise and shock of a call from the church nominating committee. The call may be an invitation to teach a Sunday School ... [READ MORE]