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September 22, 2011

Honor God with prayerful eating
By Church Health Center staff
Memphis, Tenn.

Hypertension is just one health problem among many that can be managed by a change in diet, but it can be so difficult to find the motivation to really change the way we eat.

So instead of focusing just on the health aspect of eating, we can turn our attention to ways to eat prayerfully, honoring God with our nutritional choices and honoring the bodies that God has given us at the same time.

When we eat prayerfully, we remember where the food we are eating comes from and what its purpose is.

Some easy ways to honor God and to eat prayerfully are:

1. Embrace the variety of God’s creation.
How often do you look at your dinner plate and see mostly beige food?

Take a look outside and see the amazing and beautiful variety present in God’s creation.

When we fill our plates with fruits and vegetables of many different colors and textures, we reflect the beauty of God’s creation.

2. Embrace the natural flavors of God’s creation.
Many of us are used to only using salt to season our food.

But God has given us many ways to add flavor to our meals that do not include salt. Try using fresh or dried herbs such as cilantro, oregano and mustard to add flavor instead of salt.

3. Remember that the healthiest foods are those foods that are kept closest to the state in which they are grown.
Try to avoid heavily processed foods and foods that are cooked in heavy sauces or fried. Instead try grilling or baking meat and fish, steaming vegetables or eating fruit fresh and raw.

4. Pray each time you eat.
Give thanks to God for each of the items before you in the meal, on your table, on the plate.

Look and see the care and love that God has for each of us by providing us with such beautiful and flavorful food.

For more information about how to manage hypertension and to honor God with our bodies and our food, visit http://www.healthcareyoucanlivewith.com/40DaysSeries.


My comment on your recent food article (Aug. 25 “Rashional Thoughts”) is that all food has nutritional value, by definition. It doesn’t go away in a freezer, else everyone would be effortlessly skinny. I have some really strong feelings about discarding or disdaining food based on dates and commonly held opinions. Fresh is simply a marketing ploy.

Expiration dates promote waste. In my experience, farmers who have ample supplies of the freshest food are not healthier and do not live longer.

On the contrary.  :-)

Bob Cosby, M.D.
Birmingham, Ala.


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
This is a good month to support one of the many nonprofit organizations working to eradicate childhood cancer and pray for kids like my 4-year-old niece Belle, who is fighting cancer. Belle has a choroid plexus carcinoma, which is a rare brain tumor. The original tumor was removed in September 2009, and she has been fighting the remaining cancer since then.


A family new to pediatric cancer…
Finding out that our son Carson had leukemia was by far the most devastating moment of our lives. It seemed like a death sentence at first, but for the last two months God continues to show us that He is bigger than cancer. After six weeks of treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, our son is now in remission and we anticipate his full recovery. Through various human means, God is healing our son and we are grateful.

Perhaps equally amazing is all that God is teaching us through this trial. Our eyes are now open to the number of people hurting because of this dreaded disease. Pain creates such openness to the gospel when we use our trial to minister to others. In addition, the outpouring of love and support from fellow Christians is unbelievable. We have a new appreciation for the fellowship of the gospel. Also, a fresh awareness about life’s preciousness and priorities has changed us forever. There is little time for the trivial when we consider the brief moments we have to prepare for eternity. I would not choose this path for my son, but I am thankful God is using it for His glory.

Pastor Adam Dooley
Dauphin Way Baptist Church
Mobile, Ala.


Tell us your story.
I know there are many families out there fighting a similar battle. Email jrash@thealabamabaptist.org or comment on our Facebook page or on our blog at thealabamabaptist.wordpress.com.

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