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April 5, 2012

Health tips from “40 Days to Better Living — Optimal Health”

By Dr. Scott Morris

Church Health Center of Memphis


  • Refilling prescriptions can be difficult to remember. If your pharmacy has an automatic refill program, take advantage of it.
  • Your physical health is about achieving a balance between medications and lifestyle — between your doctor and you. Be sure to ask your doctor questions about lifestyle changes that could help your health.
  • Our medical model is often based on what we must do — exercise, eat right, taking the right medications and rest. Sleep gives your body the energy to function properly.
  • Do you know the symptoms of stroke? They include weakness in an arm, hand or leg; loss of feeling on one side of the body; blindness in one eye; difficulty talking; loss of balance. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of major illnesses or events so you can recognize them in yourself and others.



TIME — You have all you need if you use it wisely

By Terry D. Newberry

Excerpt from his blog (terrydnewberry.com)

Free time — even the words are beautiful. 

Time to spend with family or finally read that latest business book or novel. Time to wash the dog or paint that landscape you’ve been seeing in your mind’s eye. Time to take a long drive in the country or nap in the hammock. Time.

The Greeks had two words for time, Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is the concept of linear time — what our clocks and watches measure. When we talk about time management, it is most often this concept we are discussing.

Kairos is different. It deals with the quality of time. This is the concept we are referring to when we ask someone, “Did you have a good time?” There is an interesting dynamic at work here. Our struggles with Chronos are often aimed at having more Kairos. 

So what is the key to getting everything done? First, we must understand that we really do have all the time we need. We often feel we need more time, when the problem is that we just need to learn how to use our time more wisely. 

What are some ways we don’t use time wisely? Perhaps we don’t plan well, so we have to go back to the store again. Or back to the office to retrieve something we left. ... Perhaps we don’t eat right or exercise enough, so we are always tired. The list could go on. 

We must understand that we have to control our time, rather than letting it control us. One key to this is prioritization.

Prioritization is knowing how to rank the items which you have to do. ... For me, making a “to do” list works wonders. When I am overwhelmed with things to do, it helps me to capture them all and put them in order. You can use paper, Outlook, Task-management software, your iPhone, whatever works best for you. The key is to find a system and use it consistently. ...

It calms us and helps us think more clearly. That makes the tasks seem a little more achievable. Begin your day with a list, and check off items as you accomplish them.

But don’t overwhelm yourself with a list of things to do today that is so large you couldn’t finish if you had a week. Write all the tasks down, and then prioritize what must be done today. Once you’ve done that, rank them in order for that day. One of the most important keys is that all-important check mark. Looking at those checks by the items we complete gives us a sense of accomplishment and momentum.

Another powerful tool is delegation. Effective delegation is one of the most powerful time management and efficiency tools, and it is applicable to all of us, whether we are stay at home moms, volunteers or corporate executives.

Other tips:

  • Create routines for yourself.
  • Plan ahead for specific errands or trips. Coordinate your time. 
  • Schedule time for yourself. 
  • Set deadlines — accomplishments are dreams with deadlines.

Each of us has the same amount of minutes in each day. The difference is in how we use them.

Editor’s Note — Terry D. Newberry is a motivational speaker, business consultant and personal coach. He is a member of NorthPark Baptist Church, Trussville.



Excerpt from “Bear Bryant on Leadership: Life Lessons from a Six-Time National Championship Coach” by Pat Williams with Tommy Ford

“Great leaders have a heart for people; they care about other people; they’re interested in people; they have empathy for people; they love people. … There’s a tendency with top level leaders to get up in an ivory tower and shoot emails across their empire. Rarely does this leader come down among the common folks. How effective as a leader can he be if there’s no personal relationship with his workers … ?”

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