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May 3, 2012

Health tips from “40 Days to Better Living — Optimal Health”

By Dr. Scott Morris
  • Know your family health history. It can be relevant to your own health.
  • Your physician cannot treat what you do not tell him or her. Doctors have heard and seen it all, so do not risk your health because you are feeling embarrassed.
  • Quick fixes in medicine are generally not a good long-term solution.
  • Good medicine is preventative medicine.
  • Overexposure to the sun can cause serious health problems.


Tips for a successful prayer time

By Rev. Jim Stephens
Bloomington, Ill.
1. Schedule a prayer time.

Make an appointment with God, and make it a priority. Start with a small amount — even just 10 minutes — and increase from there. It has to become a strong enough priority that you can’t go to bed until it is accomplished, like brushing your teeth.

2. Just get started.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Don’t look for the “right time” or “right place.” Obstacles will always come up. Ignore them and focus on just getting a start, even if it’s a very small one.

3. Think of God’s point of view.

This typically leads to confession and repentance.

Once you offer to God your apology for not seeing His perspective and understanding His heart better, then you’ll receive His genuine forgiveness. Then a new closeness comes over you as well as a deep inner joy.

4. Be specific.

The success of your prayer in connecting to God depends a lot on the actual content of what you are praying for. Making a prayer list is helpful in being specific. Write it down and have the list with you when you pray. Keep adding things to the list and subtracting them all the time. 

5. Pray out loud.

When I speak the words out loud, it forces me to clarify my thoughts. When the words come out and I hear them expressed, then I can move along to the next thought. If I keep the words in my mind, it’s harder to keep going and my prayers tend to taper off to nothing very quickly.

6. Pray with other people.

This takes a commitment and requires us to become vulnerable. It means we are opening up our personal thoughts and desires in prayer to someone else. But the rewards are far greater than the price.

Try taking turns with a prayer list, with each person praying for one item on the list at a time. 

You could also have each person pray one sentence and the next person pray a sentence. 

7. Pray for others.

Praying for others helps not only the person you are praying for but also you. It grows and develops our own personality and heart to become more like God’s. Prayer for others helps us to achieve a deeper understanding of the person we are praying for. It also helps us learn patience. It helps us better understand the things we can change and the things we can’t and teaches us forgiveness.

8. Ask questions.

I have often found it helpful to write down a question and then pray about it. Usually I write down the answer as I receive it in a stream-of-consciousness manner. 

After my initial prayer question, many thoughts start flowing into my mind and may eventually go off in a totally different direction that I never would have thought of. 

By writing it down, God leads me to a deep, definite and personal message that He has for me that I never would have thought of on my own. Also think of prayer as a two-way conversation and listen for God’s answer.

Another value of writing it down is that you can review it later. This gives you the opportunity to analyze with both your rational mind and your emotional heart whether the message is really from God. 

9. Create a holy environment.

Find a place in your house that is the most comfortable for you to pray and cultivate the atmosphere in that area with inspiring books, pictures, music, flowers, candles, etc. 

But remember your environment should assist you to pray. It should not be a distraction from connecting to God.

10. Build your foundation step by step.

Have patience. Don’t expect instant gratification.

Prayer is something that functions very much in the real world and God is very much a God of natural laws. If you focus only on some certain end result, you will be disappointed. Even if you obtain it, you won’t experience long lasting joy, but only a momentary feeling. 

Prayer should be thought of more like breathing or eating. You have to do it every day for good health. 


From the Twitterverse

March 7, 2012

Ed Stetzer @edstetzer

We must not neglect our neighbor for Netflix. Our family for Facebook. Our town for Twitter. 


March 15, 2012

The Daniel Plan @thedanielplan

Too busy to exercise? Use commercial breaks to exercise when watching the news or TV. Or motivate yourself by putting your exercise equipment by the TV and only watch your favorite shows IF you exercise during them.

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