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Song of Songs 1:78,152:2,15; 4:912 comment (0)

May 15, 2014

By Robert Olsen, Ph.D.

Related Scripture: Song of Solomon 1:78,152:2,15; 4:912

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Assistant Professor of Christian Ministries, University of Mobile

Righteous Romance

Song of Songs 1:7–8,15–2:2,15; 4:9–12

The Song of Songs, often called the Song of Solomon, has been open to many interpretations. Whether or not Solomon wrote the book is open to debate, but it seems certain that the writing comes from the time of Solomon. For the purposes of this study, we are assuming the Song of Songs is about a couple expressing their love to each other as they approach and experience their wedding day.

It’s About Being Together (1:7–8)

In these verses, the woman in the Song is longing to be able to spend time with her loved one, where she will be able to be with him by himself and not among his friends. Of course, this seems normal — those who love each other want to be with each other. It is beneficial for those who intend to get married to truly get to know one another. Going to movies, spending time together amid friends and doing fun activities together are all good, but talking and getting to really know each other is crucial for any valued relationship, especially if it has marriage as its end. Many people fall in love and rush into marriage before truly getting to know the other person. This is especially important for Christians, because we need to understand each others’ goals and where and how they are being led by the Holy Spirit. With divorce an ever-increasing problem among Christian couples, we should be very careful to truly get to know our future spouse before getting married.

Mutual Admiration (1:15–2:2)

It is important for spouses and potential spouses to show their mutual love for each other by expressing their admiration through warm and honest words. Relationships need to be based upon the ability to state the truth to one another. As Christians, our spouses can help encourage us and build us up.

Be on Guard (2:15)

Verse 2:15 says, “Catch the foxes for us —  the little foxes that ruin the vineyards — for our vineyards are in bloom.”

This interesting verse encourages us to take stock of the possible influences that can ruin our relationships. Many relationships are ruined because potential dangers are not seen as serious, and then the potential dangers become real dangers and wreak havoc. One major area that destroys relationships is sexual sin. Many people think they are above temptation, but that is usually when Satan attacks. Many of the famous preachers who have fallen into sexual sin admit they thought they were above reproach and they would never have an affair. This shows that we always need to be on guard and take action to keep ourselves from being in positions where Satan can tempt us.

James chapter 3 points out another major problem — problems with our tongues. We can create a lot of damage in our relationships by using poor word choices or speaking when angry. Christians need to be especially careful with what they say. We need to remember to seek to glorify the Lord with our language and when tempted to say something untoward, to pray for restraint and hold back.

Treasure the Treasures (4:9–12)

Solomon and his bride celebrated their purity as they began their married life together. Within the confines of marriage, sex is a good thing. Our culture has cheapened “love” so that it focuses on people as objects, but Christians are supposed to recognize that people are never to be seen as objects but are always to be understood as being made in the image of God and therefore deserving of dignity and respect.

There are some Christians who go the exact opposite route and treat marriage and sex as things that are to be avoided. Many early Christians believed this, most notably Augustine. However, this is not the biblical view. While it is true that some people are not called to be married (see 1 Cor. 7), Paul asserts that it is better to be married than burn with desire. In any situation, we are to affirm sexual relationships within the confines of marriage, with remaining pure outside marriage as being one way of doing so.

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