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| Nov. 14 2016

Wanda Bergeron, Local Editions Coordinator

Wanda Bergeron, has worked at The Alabama Baptist since 2005 as the local editions coordinator. She has held positions in management at Raytheon... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 13 2016

Debbie Campbell, Director of Circulation Promotion

Debbie Campbell is director of circulation and public relations. Campbell graduated magna cum laude from the University of North Texas, where... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 11 2016

Sarah Gill, Customer Relations

Sarah joined The Alabama Baptist team in April 2017. She is originally from Albertville and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degree from... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 11 2016

Bill Gilmore, Director of Advertising

Bill Gilmore is director of advertising. He joined the staff of The Alabama Baptist in February 2012. He has worked for The Montgomery Advertiser... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 10 2016

Lauren C. Grim, Designer

Lauren C. Grim has worked at The Alabama Baptist since 2004, starting out as an intern and becoming a full-time graphic designer in 2006. A native... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 9 2016

Amy Hacker, Customer Relations

Amy Hacker joined The Alabama Baptist in August 2016 and currently serves in the circulation and circulation promotion departments. She has... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 8 2016

Linda Harrison, Financial Administrator

Linda Harrison is financial administrator of The Alabama Baptist. She joined the staff of The Alabama Baptist in November 2010. Harrison holds... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 8 2016

Pam Holt, Outside Advertising Representative

Pam Holt, advertising contractor, has worked at The Alabama Baptist since 2008 and moved into a contract position in 2015. She previously owned... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 8 2016

Jessica Ingram, editorial and marketing intern

Jessica Ingram began working as an editorial and marketing intern for The Alabama Baptist in September 2017. She recently graduated summa... [READ MORE]

| Nov. 7 2016

Deborah Lowery, Financial Assistant

Deborah Lowery, accounts receivable, has worked at The Alabama Baptist since 2009. She previously worked at Sloss Development Group as assistant... [READ MORE]