What happened to Robert Bentley’s gambling council?

July 15, 2017

Remember when then Gov. Robert Bentley created the Advisory Council on Gaming? It was in October 2016 and its goal was to research and compile a report that presented a variety of options to the Legislature for consideration.

The council’s original deadline was Jan. 31 and was then extended to June 30. But the council believed it would finish the report early and would be of use to legislators during the spring legislative session.

Then Bentley resigned from office and Kay Ivey became Alabama’s governor.

Where did that leave Bentley’s council?

“With the change in administrations, Gov. Ivey has put all of the task forces that were previously created by Gov. Bentley on hold,” said Clinton Carter, council chairman and state finance director.

The report is completed, he said, but hasn’t been discussed or ratified by the full council. As of July 5, there weren’t any plans to complete the report, Carter said.

“I don’t consider our efforts to be in vain. … We hope that should any group, person, legislator follow along this path that they would be able to pick back up right where we left off.” (Maggie Walsh)