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Top Stories | Dec. 13 2018

Former Sand Mountain pastor sees God pave way for ministry center

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Donny Johnston says that about two and a half years ago God gave him a new vision for how to help the people... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 13 2018

Cleburne AMS to retire

Larry Riddle has been in ministry 47 years, but he says the last 10 years spent as associational mission strategist (AMS) for Cleburne Baptist... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 13 2018

Faith & Family: Finding Happiness

Unhappy at Christmas “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” At least, that’s what the song says. But Andrea feels anything but wonderful.... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 12 2018

24-day outreach event sees fruit on college campuses, big harvest at UAB

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Jessica Franklin says she’s been a Christian for a long time, and over the years she’s had the opportunity... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 12 2018

Per-inmate spending has increased, but staffing remains low and conditions are poor

By Martha Simmons Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist On any given day in Alabama nearly 106,000 men, women and children are either incarcerated... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 11 2018

Most popular verse of 2018 offers words of consolation for troubling times

By Carrie Brown McWhorterThe Alabama Baptist The most shared, bookmarked and highlighted Bible verse of 2018 is a verse of reassurance and comfort,... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 11 2018

Teach children compassion, generosity, gratitude during Christmas season

By Denise GeorgeSpecial to The Alabama Baptist Some years ago on a Sunday before Christmas our pastor at the time, Charles Carter, preached a... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Dec. 10 2018

Young adults cohabiting more often, census finds

The American household continues to change, as more young adults are living together before marriage and delaying marriage for much longer than... [READ MORE]