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Alabama News | April 12, 2021

Revived yoga bill heads to Senate

Members of the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee approved a yoga bill on April 7 and heads to the Senate. The bill received a 5–1 vote a week... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | April 12, 2021

High court halts California virus rules limiting home worship

The Supreme Court, in a 5 to 4 ruling on April 9, has halted California coronavirus-related restrictions that have limited home-based religious... [READ MORE]

National News | April 12, 2021

Popular Christian author, medical doctor among those killed in South Carolina shooting

News summary: Dr. Robert Lesslie, seen in this photo from 2009, was one of five people killed April 7 at Lesslie’s home in Rock Hill, South... [READ MORE]

Baptist News | April 11, 2021

‘Daunting task, but I’ll persevere’ says IMB missionary to Colombia

Travis Burkhalter and his wife, Beth, have served with the International Mission Board in Central and South America since 2010. In those years,... [READ MORE]

Churches | April 10, 2021

Replanting season: Young churches embrace opportunities for growth and new ministry

By Meredith Flynn Illinois Baptist   Grace Family Church, Chicago, celebrated its second anniversary in early 2021 with a worship service... [READ MORE]

College and Career | April 10, 2021

College students at most ‘send-able’ stage for Great Commission

By Lynn Loyd Arkansas Baptist State Convention Arkansas college and university students are strategic to the spread of the gospel through missions... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | April 10, 2021

Alabama couple prepares to plant church in Denver

When Justin McKay got married, he and his wife, Lacy, headed to Denver for their honeymoon. And on their first day there, God did something surprising... [READ MORE]

Children | April 9, 2021

Arkansas bans gender transition procedures for minors

On Tuesday, April 6, Arkansas became the first U.S. state to prohibit doctors from providing gender transition procedures for children. The legislation,... [READ MORE]

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