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Alabama News | Jul. 2 2020

Two Alabama evangelists set up altar in Montgomery square

For three days starting July 2, a simple wooden altar will sit in Court Square in Montgomery, open for anyone and everyone to come and pray for... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 30 2020

Peanut boiling is a favorite among Alabamians

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Most Alabamians who head for the beach have places they always stop for snacks. For some, it’s peach... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Jun. 29 2020

Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Louisiana abortion law

The Supreme Court today (June 29) struck down a Louisiana abortion law that placed strict limits on abortion access. The case, June Medical Services... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 29 2020

Mineral Springs member sees lives changed through jail ministry

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist For the past few months, Truett Maddox hasn’t gotten to go into Chilton County jail like usual. But it... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | Jun. 28 2020

Missionary faces pandemic without fear after war, genocide, coups and terrorist attacks

In the 32 years he’s been on the missions field, Cole Elbridge has ministered during a war, a genocide, two attempted coups, a civil war, a... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 27 2020

Rash given honorary doctorate at Judson College commencement

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist At its spring commencement June 27, Judson College in Marion honored Jennifer Davis Rash, editor and president... [READ MORE]

Movie Reviews | Jun. 27 2020

Hilarious ‘Selfie Dad’ leads June’s family-friendly spotlight

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist The number of faith-based comedy films that are truly funny can be counted on one hand. There’s... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Jun. 26 2020

Newly organized Baptist network making headlines

By Jennifer Davis Rash The Alabama Baptist With the newly organized Conservative Baptist Network garnering attention on blog posts and social... [READ MORE]

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