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Top Stories | May. 27 2020

Church child-care programs reopen cautiously, reflect on God’s provision in crisis

By Lanell Downs Smith Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist As Alabama businesses reopen following COVID-19 closures, church-run day care centers... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 25 2020

Vietnam veteran shares faithfulness through stories of surviving war, battling cancer

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Captain Larry Hunter says it’s clear God had a purpose for him staying alive. He can’t see any other... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 25 2020

100-year-old veteran ‘making an impact’ during COVID-19 lockdown

By Grace Thornton The Alabama Baptist Edward Harrison had several young ladies from home writing him letters during World War II, but one stood... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 24 2020

June 7 designated as SBC Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

More than 2,920 people were killed for the cause of Christ last year, according to the 2020 annual report from Open Doors’ World Watch List.... [READ MORE]

Sports | May. 24 2020

Professional baseball player has clear faith after incident left him blind in one eye

By Bill Sorrell Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Juan Sandoval has never lost sight of what is most important in life despite being blind in... [READ MORE]

Top Stories | May. 23 2020

Churchgoers say faith has prospered as services go online during crisis

More than 80% of people associated with a religious tradition said their place of worship had been broadcasting services on the internet during... [READ MORE]

Music | May. 23 2020

Childhood experiences foundational for Rathke’s faith, service

By Tracy Riggs Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Singer-songwriter Mike Rathke sees some powerful significance in dates associated with his... [READ MORE]

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