Al Jackson, pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, announces retirement

September 23, 2020

Al Jackson, pastor of Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, announces on Sept. 20 that he will retire in 2021 after 41 years as the church's pastor. (Screenshot)

In 1979, Al Jackson told the search committee at Lakeview Baptist Church, Auburn, that if they called him as pastor, he planned to stay for the rest of his ministry.

“That was 41 years ago,” he told the congregation Sept. 20. “I’ve kept my word and stayed.”

But Jackson also announced that morning that a new pastor search committee was forming — one to find a new pastor to step in when he retires on or before Oct. 31, 2021.

‘It’s time’

He told the church that though he’s been dealing with some health issues, those aren’t the reason he is retiring — he feels the Holy Spirit is telling him it’s time to let a younger pastor step into the ministry there.

Jackson said his hope is that the committee could find the next pastor in time for the two to serve together for a few months before he steps aside. He and his wife, Kem, plan to stay at the church as members.

The couple has been a big part of the church’s history — Lakeview is only 61 years old. Along the way, Jackson has led the church to be an active participant in missions both at home and around the world.

‘Thank you’

“My vocabulary is inadequate to express to you my gratitude for all you have done in loving the Lord God and expressing your love by making, nurturing and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ in Auburn and throughout the world,” Jackson said. “Therefore, let me say it in big letters — thank you, thank you, thank you.”

By Grace Thornton

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