Abortion | Nov. 25 2020

Court upholds ‘reason bans’ in TN abortion law

A federal appeals court ruled Nov. 20 that “reason bans” in Tennessee’s new abortion law can stand, at least for now. The regulations passed... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Nov. 24 2020

Recent appeals court rulings uphold pro-life provisions in several states

A federal appeals court ruled on Monday (Nov. 23) that Texas and Louisiana can cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood clinics. The decision... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Nov. 5 2020

Voters approve Louisiana abortion restriction and Alabama church gun laws

Louisiana’s new constitutional amendment restricting abortion is especially close to Louisiana Baptist Executive Director Steve Horn’s heart.... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Oct. 28 2020

U.S. joins 31 U.N. nations in pro-life, family and women’s health statement

The United States has signed with at least 31 other members of the United Nations a pro-life declaration decrying abortion and affirming the... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Oct. 23 2020

Polish high court declares congenital defects abortion provision unconstitutional

In Poland, the nation’s top court ruled Oct. 22 that a law allowing the abortion of fetuses with congenital defects is unconstitutional. The... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Oct. 19 2020

Judge strikes down Tennessee abortion waiting-period law

Pro-life advocates and the state expressed their disappointment with a federal court decision Wednesday (Oct. 14) that invalidated a Tennessee... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Oct. 19 2020

New ERLC documentary tells family’s story of rare illness, accepting God’s will

The decision to protect Pearl Joy Brown as an unborn child with a debilitating disorder, as well as the joy of her life and the grief in her... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Oct. 17 2020

ERLC ministry provides ultrasound machine

The Psalm 139 Project, a ministry of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, recently placed an ultrasound... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Sep. 22 2020

Court vacancy puts spotlight on abortion again

A sudden vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court has thrust abortion even further into the spotlight for a deeply divided country facing a divisive... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Jul. 30 2020

Moore, others urge FDA to remove abortion pill from U.S. market

Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore and more than 20 other pro-life leaders have called for the federal government to withdraw an abortion... [READ MORE]