Abortion | Jul. 20 2020

Planned Parenthood relocates to new Birmingham building; pregnancy ministries step up efforts

By Tracy Riggs Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist While the global COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines, a newly constructed Planned Parenthood... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Jul. 18 2020

Tennessee enacts strong pro-life law; joins legal battle over heartbeat bills

Tennessee enacted a law July 13 that provides some of the country’s strongest protections for unborn children. The bill prohibits an abortion... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Jul. 9 2020

Supreme Court delivers decisions favorable to religious liberty

The U.S. Supreme Court reaffirmed in two 7-2 rulings July 8 that churches and religious organizations are free to make employment and health... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Jun. 29 2020

Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Louisiana abortion law

The Supreme Court today (June 29) struck down a Louisiana abortion law that placed strict limits on abortion access. The case, June Medical Services... [READ MORE]

Abortion | May. 8 2020

Supreme Court considers contraceptives mandate again

The Trump administration and an order of Roman Catholic nuns urged the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday (May 6) to uphold federal rules that protect... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Feb. 26 2020

US Senate fails to advance born alive, pain capable child protections

The U.S. Senate failed Feb. 25 to approve protections for unborn babies late in their mothers’ pregnancies and newborns who survive abortions.... [READ MORE]