Disaster Relief

Baptist News | Oct. 28 2020

Future of disaster relief efforts: Faith-based safety net largely comprised of older volunteers

By Bob Smietana Religion News Service This story was produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center and is reprinted from Religion News Service.... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Oct. 28 2020

As new storm looms, Southern Baptist volunteers maintain multiple responses

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sunday, Nov. 8, is Disaster Relief Appreciation Day in the Southern Baptist Convention. Heading into the final week of October,... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 16 2020

Couple serves together in times of crisis

Since Roger Collins and his wife of 51 years, Debbie, retired, they serve together on a chainsaw team with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.... [READ MORE]

Baptist News | Oct. 11 2020

Alaska Baptist Disaster Relief grows with Alabama’s help

In Alaska, disaster relief looks a little different than it does in Alabama. It’s less cutting up trees, more dealing with earthquakes and... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 7 2020

Southern Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers touch lives during Sally cleanup

The torrential rain from Hurricane Sally sounded like bullets hitting Betty’s roof as violent winds rattled the windows of her home. Betty... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 29 2020

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers assist after Hurricane Sally

Jeff Gardner says he knows a miracle staring him in the face when he sees one. He was at a home assessing what kind of cleanup crews were needed... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Sep. 23 2020

‘Get back out there’

It was a disaster relief trip in 2018 to Dawson, Georgia. Ryland Davis came down there with us, and I had planned on him being one of our main... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Sep. 22 2020

ABDR volunteers deploy to Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

When Robert and Elsie Whittle heard Hurricane Laura was headed right for them, they couldn’t believe it. A tree had already fallen on the back... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 19 2020

Jackson County couple spends retirement chasing storms, loving people

Debbie Reese has met a lot of people over the past 13 years that she says she’ll never forget — people who have lost homes, friends, family... [READ MORE]

Disaster Relief | Sep. 19 2020

Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief workers in Gulf Shores 2 days after Hurricane Sally wreaks havoc

Just two days after Hurricane Sally made landfall, Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief workers were at First Baptist Church, Gulf Shores, getting... [READ MORE]