Other Baptist-related News

Other Baptist-related News | Jan. 6 2017

Spencer Bachus honored for work against poverty

Former Alabama Congressman Spencer Bachus was recently honored at the U.S. Capitol as a Jubilee Champion by the faith-based anti-poverty coalition... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Sep. 15 2016

Baptist-supported Native American children’s home stands firm on faith values amid criticism

American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) has established a GoFundMe campaign to show solidarity with a children’s home in Oklahoma widely... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Sep. 8 2016

Atheist in Seattle responds to Baptists’ service, love

Kim Menon was an avowed atheist. As a child her parents took her to church but no one could satisfy her with the answers she sought. “I thought... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Jul. 15 2016

Unique platform, opportunity for ministry appears in Pokémon Go game

If your church is suddenly overtaken by Millennials with their eyes stuck on their phones, you can thank Pokémon. And several Alabama... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Jul. 14 2016

Former minister now ‘prisoner to pain’ finds purpose, success while ‘lost’ in art

Almost by accident, Kerry Smith has become a popular artist — a sculptor, painter and woodcarver. But he hasn’t done it alone. His... [READ MORE]

Alabama | Jun. 30 2016

Workers for Christ United helps churches with construction projects

In 15 years, Marshall Lewis has worked on a lot of church buildings. It’s quite a list.  But the list of friends he’s made is... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Jun. 21 2016

SBC 2016 — Messengers adopt increased budget, approve Golden Gate’s name change

Messengers participating in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, approved a $189 million Cooperative... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Jun. 16 2016

‘Apostle to the Germans’ Boniface began missions work 1,300 years ago

Boniface (c. 675–754), the “Apostle to the Germans,” established Christianity in the Germanic parts of the Frankish Empire.... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jun. 9 2016

CP giving 6.13% above year-to-date projection

NASHVILLE — Year-to-date contributions to Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) national and international missions and ministries received... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | May. 12 2016

First-time visitors evaluate churches, provide unbiased answers on worship experience

What is the experience of a first-time visitor really like at your church? Is it easy to find a parking spot? To locate the restrooms? To get... [READ MORE]