Other Baptist-related News

National News | Feb. 25 2016

Southwestern Seminary releases new youth curriculum

FORT WORTH, Texas — Richard Ross has spent most of his life leading youth to a deeper relationship with Christ, so he didn’t hesitate... [READ MORE]

National News | Feb. 25 2016

Ryrie Study Bible author, theologian dies at age 90

DALLAS — Charles C. Ryrie, a scholar whose name abounds on Ryrie Study Bible editions with more than 2.6 million in print in various languages,... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Feb. 25 2016

Annual State Evangelism Conference seeks to renew, refresh ministry leaders

So often ministry leaders give and give without slowing down long enough to do a little receiving. That’s why the annual Alabama Baptist... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 25 2016

Historical HIghlights from previous issues of The Alabama Baptist

50 Years Ago February 1966 The new Birmingham Baptist Hospital located on Princeton Avenue began to admit patients to its facilities Feb. 21.... [READ MORE]

Law/Legal/Politics/Voting | Feb. 18 2016

Supreme Court to hear from faith-based nonprofits

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments March 23 from faith-based nonprofits, including the Southern Baptist Convention’s... [READ MORE]

Men | Feb. 18 2016

2016 marks 200 years since AME Church’s founder was elected as first bishop

Richard Allen (1760–1831), one of America’s most influential black leaders, was the founder of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME)... [READ MORE]

College and Career | Feb. 18 2016

Miami Heat power forward gives thanks to the Lord

Growing up on the mean streets of Miami, nothing was given to Udonis Haslem nor did anything come easy. At almost every corner, his faith... [READ MORE]

Death and Dying | Feb. 11 2016

Dawson Memorial Baptist reaches out to widows through new ministry

For women who have entered into it recently or years ago, widowhood is a new season — one that comes with its own unique worries, trials... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 11 2016

Does ‘XO’ really stand for ‘hugs and kisses’?

When I was a young girl, my mother taught me to add “x” and “o” — a kiss and a hug — after my signature.... [READ MORE]

Other Baptist-related News | Feb. 4 2016

Televangelists make Netflix ‘reel’

Alongside programs like “Orange Is the New Black” and “House of Cards,” Netflix now offers users another type of content: Christian sermons.... [READ MORE]