Canada | Nov. 14 2018

Thousands attend world religions gathering

TORONTO — With its theme of “The Promise of Inclusion, the Power of Love” and its focus on global understanding, the seventh Parliament... [READ MORE]

Canada | Feb. 7 2018

Canada institutes ‘reproductive rights’ test

OTTAWA, Canada — Churches and other Christian groups in Canada are concerned about a new rule that denies summer job funding for organizations... [READ MORE]

Canada | Jul. 23 2017

Canadian families at risk over ‘gender identity’

TORONTO, Ontario — In Canada’s Ontario province, the government now has the right to seize children from families who don’t accept their... [READ MORE]

Canada | Jun. 3 2017

Christian recovery programs help fight epidemic

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — In 2016 more than 900 people in British Columbia died of drug overdoses, a record and an 80 percent increase... [READ MORE]

Canada | Dec. 15 2016

Hospitals opt out of Canada’s euthanasia law

WINNIPEG, Canada — Two Christian hospitals in Winnipeg, Manitoba, have opted out of the assisted suicide law passed by Canada’s government... [READ MORE]

Canada | Apr. 30 2015

Prayer ruled out of order at council meetings

SAGUENAY, Quebec — Canada’s Supreme Court has ruled that a small town in Quebec may not open its council meetings with prayer. In... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jul. 31 2014

Religious violence declines wherever religious liberty ‘has been preached and practiced’

Rising death tolls in Iraq and Syria, where Muslim extremists are killing in the name of their faith, represent a stark contrast to the relative... [READ MORE]

Africa | Jun. 12 2014

Refugee family finds solace during time of grief

Farzam fled Afghanistan with his wife and two adult sons, looking for safety and peace. They stopped in a European country hoping for temporary... [READ MORE]

Canada | Mar. 12 2014

Survey finds growth, vitality in multisite church model

The vast majority of multisite churches are growing, according to a new study, and they are seeing more involvement from lay people and newcomers... [READ MORE]

Africa | Feb. 20 2014

Global persecution of Christians topic of congressional hearing

The global persecution of Christians has gone from bad to worse, said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith at a congressional hearing on Capitol Hill on Feb.... [READ MORE]