Church Staff | Feb. 19 2004

Varied deacons’ duties often lack specifics, creating confusion

Baptist deacons in many churches have been going through an identity crisis for several decades. They are not quite sure what it is they are... [READ MORE]

Deacons | Feb. 19 2004

Church organizational models define deacons’ tasks

Whether large or small, modern Baptist churches continue to struggle with the role of deacon, the relationship between deacons and pastors, the... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 19 2004

Confusion about deacon, pastor roles can cause friction between the two

Pastors and deacons do not always get along. Young pastors in their first churches seem to have some unusual problems in getting along with deacons.... [READ MORE]

Church Staff | Feb. 19 2004

Greek meaning of deacon explains ‘waiter’ role

Part of the confusion for deacons in understanding the role involves their name. This ancient office is known by a nickname. There was never... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Feb. 19 2004

Southern Baptist organizational structure redefines role of deacon

A brief survey of the major works of systematic theology by influential Southern Baptist leaders illustrates the problem Southern Baptists have... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Jan. 1 2004

Sheriff advises churches about building security

Your church building — you’ve always trusted its environment enough to leave your purse sitting in the pew, your car sitting in the... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 11 2003

Alabama’s church leaders now required to report suspected child abuse cases

Alabama Baptist pastors, church staff and lay leaders are now required to report any suspected child abuse cases, according to Alabama Attorney... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Apr. 3 2003

Planning crucial to long-range growth

Any church building committee member can easily look at a swelling Sunday congregation in a cramped sanctuary, see the need for a larger facility... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Mar. 6 2003

Church construction guide new service of state paper

Is your growth strategy team fresh out of ideas on how to accommodate your steadily increasing church membership? Are you planning to build a... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Mar. 6 2003

‘Part-time’ ministers find full-time calling

What did you do when you got home from work today? Play with the kids? Relax in a favorite chair and watch the evening news? Or maybe catch up... [READ MORE]