Bible Beliefs

Bible Beliefs | Sep. 19 2002

Christian scholars rethink conversion of Jews

Rejecting a centuries-old hallmark of Christian teaching on salvation, an ecumenical group of Christian scholars has issued a statement saying... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Aug. 1 2002

Forum of Bible Agencies: No opinion on TNIV

  The Forum of Bible Agencies, an organization of experts on Bible translation, has announced it has neither approved nor disapproved of... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jul. 11 2002

Presbyterians compromise on salvation theology

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The nation’s largest Presbyterian church sidestepped a nasty battle over salvation June 20 by approving a statement... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jun. 27 2002

Barna poll shows increase in unchurched Americans

A low percentage of Americans attend church weekly, according to research by George Barna published in his new book “The State of the Church:... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jun. 6 2002

Bibles vary in usage of term ‘the Jews’

Even two simple words – “the Jews”- reflect the debate over changes in the Today’s New International Version (TNIV) over... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jan. 10 2002

Study finds mixed views on forgiveness

A University of Michigan study on forgiveness has found that almost 75 percent of those surveyed believe they’ve been forgiven by God for... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Oct. 31 2001

Koran: sole authority for Muslims, teachings of Islam based upon it

The teachings of Islam are based on the Koran, a book the Muslim prophet Muhammad claimed to have received verbatim through the angel Gabriel... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Sep. 20 2001

Questions and answers about the Muslim faith

1. Politics     Are Muslims democratic or authoritarian? In a sense, the Islamic world is out of step with the current political... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jun. 14 2001

Professor: Don’t change worship into performance

According to Daniel I. Block, Southern (Louisville, Ky.) Baptist Theological Seminary’s John R. Sampey professor of Old Testament interpretation,... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Jan. 25 2001

Pastors urged to handle conflict with biblical principles

Biblical guidelines and parliamentary procedures can help pastors who feel caught in traps caused by conflict, according to a national consultant... [READ MORE]