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Bible Studies | Mar. 19 2020

Netflix’s ‘Night on Earth’ plus free resources, videos top special ‘stay-at-home’ family-friendly spotlight

We’ve all got a little more time on our hands than expected lately, and TAB is hearing about lots of great options for Bible study, learning... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 3 2019

Independent Christian book retailers fill gap left by LifeWay store closings

By Lanell Downs Smith Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Following the closing of all LifeWay Christian Resources brick-and-mortar stores earlier... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 3 2019

Iron Stream Media Acquires Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

Birmingham-based Christian publisher Iron Stream Media has acquired LPC Books, doing business as Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, a traditional,... [READ MORE]

Bible Study Tools | Sep. 22 2016

Students read Scripture less during busy seasons; parents’ example can help

By Carrie Brown McWhorter Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist A recent study suggests that teens read the Bible less when they are busy with... [READ MORE]

Bible Study Tools | Sep. 15 2016

#WhyBible campaign targets millennials

Countless social media posts showcase the conversation taking place around Wycliffe Bible Translators’ new #WhyBible campaign. Value in reading... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Sep. 8 2016

Where to start for Bible studies, small groups

School is back in full swing and with that often comes a return to midweek Bible studies and small groups. But what book or studies should a... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Sep. 1 2016

Relationship with God needs time to listen, ‘just like friendship’

By Grace Thornton Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Doug Webster said he got an email recently that disturbed him a little bit. “The sender,... [READ MORE]

Bible Studies | Sep. 1 2016

Using Psalms in quiet time good place to start

Doug Webster said he likes reading all of Scripture, but if he had to pick a place to start, or a place that he keeps coming back to, it’s... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Aug. 11 2016

Theology 101: Last Things — Heaven

The Bible speaks of heaven with at least three different points of reference. Heaven can refer to the atmosphere just above the earth’s... [READ MORE]

Bible Beliefs | Aug. 4 2016

Theology 101: Last Things — The Reality of Hell

Throughout its pages the Bible assumes the reality of hell. Psalm 9:17 declares: “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations... [READ MORE]