Top Stories | Oct. 22 2020

Youth for Christ partners with churches, community

Coronavirus-related lockdowns have limited personal contact for organizations that minister to students, but Dallas-Fort Worth Youth For Christ... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Aug. 9 2020

Considering student ministry in challenging times

By Michael J. Brooks Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions youth ministry strategist Scooter Kellum said... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Jul. 30 2020

2020 Youth Speakers Tournament winners announced

This year’s Alabama Youth Speakers Tournament and Bible Drill competitions were interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Youth Speakers... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Sep. 25 2019

See You at the Pole 2019 brings hundreds together at schools across Alabama, nation, world

Students gathered early at schools across Alabama and the world this morning (Sept. 25) to join together for See You at the Pole 2019. Several... [READ MORE]

Children | Sep. 25 2019

Parental control settings for Netflix, YouTube, Google: How-to guide for parents

Tips for safeguarding Netflix If you are a parent of tweens and teens, you’ve probably discussed your concerns about R and NC-17-rated movies... [READ MORE]

Administration Issues | Mar. 18 2019

Free webcast for pastors and church leaders will focus on protecting children

Protecting children, youth and other vulnerable groups — as well as responding well to reports from victims of abuse in churches and ministry... [READ MORE]

Children | Feb. 6 2019

Parents may want to limit children’s tech use — and definitely their own

Practically everyone these days is concerned, if not annoyed, by the way young people seem to be addicted to technology. Research shows that... [READ MORE]

College and Career | Oct. 27 2016

Co-author Powell shares 6 ways to reach young people

There’s no way around it: The Church is shrinking, and it’s aging. And with the growing number of unchurched young people, churches may be... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Oct. 6 2016

Youth Choir Festival 2016 hosts ‘largest gathering of choir members’

By Doug Rogers Special to The Alabama Baptist More than 700 middle and high school students from 17 churches representing 11 associations participated... [READ MORE]

Bible Study Tools | Sep. 22 2016

Students read Scripture less during busy seasons; parents’ example can help

By Carrie Brown McWhorter Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist A recent study suggests that teens read the Bible less when they are busy with... [READ MORE]