Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues | May. 21 2009

Evangelical global-warming skeptics hire lobbyist

WASHINGTON — As Congress debates clean-energy legislation, a conservative Christian group is ramping up lobbying efforts to raise questions... [READ MORE]

Associations | Apr. 16 2009

Conserving energy = good stewardship

Energy conservation isn’t just about being environmentally friendly — it’s good stewardship. That’s what Robert “Robin”... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Apr. 9 2009

ERLC’s Land backs coal-fired power plants

Coal-fired power plants have received the blessing of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) top lobbyist for social and moral concerns,... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Nov. 6 2008

Poll says United States ‘blessed’ by God but troublesome in worldwide involvement

Six in 10 Americans think the United States is “uniquely blessed” by God, but a higher percentage — almost eight in 10 —... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Aug. 21 2008

Progressive Baptists urge action for environment

ATLANTA — Members of the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC) called for governmental action to halt housing foreclosures and... [READ MORE]

Alabama Baptist Entities | Aug. 14 2008

Campus readies for fall arrivals: ‘Green’ initiatives implemented, encouraged

Samford University students arriving on campus in late August for fall semester will be thinking “green” along with the school’s... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | May. 22 2008

Evangelicals on global warming: ‘We Get It!’

WASHINGTON — Evangelical leaders who reject arguments that climate change is human-induced but are nevertheless concerned about the environment... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Apr. 10 2008

‘Warming’ message

An excerpt from The Andalusia Star-News, Thursday, March 13, 2008: "The global realization of climate change has hit Covington County’s... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Apr. 10 2008

Climate change

I happen to be a climate scientist (Alabama’s state climatologist, too) who specifically publishes in scientific literature on the climate... [READ MORE]

Environmental Issues | Apr. 3 2008

SBC leaders say regardless of global warming stance, Christians should care for earth

Christians and Southern Baptists on different sides in the debate over the environment can nonetheless partner together to care for it out of... [READ MORE]


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