Events Promotion

Alabama News | Oct. 4 2017

Looking for fall activity for your church group?

The Judgment Seat will return for its 26th year at Shiloh Baptist Church, Somerville, beginning Oct. 30. In the past 25 years, nearly 47,000... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Oct. 4 2017

Annual Pathways Professional Counseling conference addresses Cluster B personality disorders

Are you a counselor? Ever treated someone who dealt with antisocial personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, histrionic personality... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Sep. 14 2017

Undone Redone founders featured in film; second showing added

A new film blending a cinematic retelling of the Prodigal Son story with contemporary stories of freedom in Christ will feature Traylor and Melody... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Aug. 11 2017

Talladega churches partner to benefit area nonprofits

Congregations from various denominations will once again come together for Talladega’s 5th Annual Afternoon of Praise, a fundraiser benefitting... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Jun. 8 2017

Defending the Faith Apologetics Conference coming Aug 7th.

Defending the Faith Apologetics conference will offer to participants engaging workshops on subjects such as the reliability of the Bible, evidences... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 7 2017

Interested in writing for publication or responsible for your church’s finances? Check out these June workshops

Aspiring writers from across the Southeast will have the opportunity to hear from editors, agents, seasoned writers and authors at the 26th annual... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | May. 4 2017

Samford’s MTI to host financial conference

To address the financial issues that mid- to smaller-sized churches face daily, Samford University’s Ministry Training Institute in Birmingham... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Apr. 25 2017

Golf tournament set as ‘restorative outlet’ for ministers

Alabama Baptist ministers, it’s time to pull out your golf clubs again. The 55th annual Ministers’ Golf Tournament, sponsored by Judson College... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Apr. 13 2017

‘Be the One’ emphasizes bringing Christ’s message to students

Local nonprofit School Ministries of Birmingham will have a special guest for its second annual spring banquet April 20. Drayton Nabers — former... [READ MORE]

Events Promotion | Mar. 27 2017

Interested in improving your face-to-face communication skills? Check this out

Today’s technology provides a multitude of ways to communicate with our friends, relatives and acquaintances but that connectedness has come... [READ MORE]