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Children | Sep. 25 2019

Parental control settings for Netflix, YouTube, Google: How to guide for parents

Tips for safeguarding Netflix If you are a parent of tweens and teens, you’ve probably discussed your concerns about R and NC-17-rated movies... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Sep. 3 2019

How to help your child navigate, handle bullying

Bullying can cause great psychological impact. Kids who are bullied tend to have lower self-esteem and are more likely to struggle with depression. ... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Aug. 6 2019

Tips for understanding, responding to stress as school starts back this fall

By Kristin Lowrey and Anne Lawton Special to The Alabama Baptist Life is full of changes. Transitions from one stage of life to another are... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Jul. 9 2019

What all children need to hear: Expressing love to your child

By Steve Trader TH.M, MS, LPC, NCC Special to The Alabama Baptist Have you ever met a parent who was not a good parent? I think we all may have.... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Jun. 6 2019

Summer activities an opportunity to ‘detox’ children from screens, technology

By Rhett McKenzie, MAMFC, LPC, NCC Special to The Alabama Baptist For some families summer break is a welcomed relief from the rigorous activities... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | May. 1 2019

Mother-in-law role often subject of jokes but deserves respect, honor, acceptance

By Leah Owens Ed.S., M.A., LPC, NCC Registered play therapist Let’s be truthful. When someone says “mother-in-law” it is often followed... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Mar. 8 2019

Spiritual implications of sexual abuse in the local church, Christian community

By Michael Bozeman, M.A.C.E., MA, LPC Special to The Alabama Baptist The enemy has won many victories through sexual abuse in the local church.... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Mar. 8 2019

Finding a trauma-competent Christian counselor for processing, recovery

By Lisa Keane, MAMFC, LPC-S, NCC Special to The Alabama Baptist Anyone affected by abuse should seek mental health care. After any major childhood... [READ MORE]

Children | Feb. 6 2019

Parents may want to limit children’s tech use — and definitely their own

Practically everyone these days is concerned, if not annoyed, by the way young people seem to be addicted to technology. Research shows that... [READ MORE]

Faith and Family | Feb. 1 2017

Mommy Wars

Pressures of motherhood Kendra remembers hearing news reports when she was growing up about extremely competitive mothers cited for bullying... [READ MORE]