Administration Issues | Sep. 24 2015

Conference addresses proper procedures, regulations, tips for handling taxes

Because ministers are unique in the way they pay taxes, churches must be careful in the way they do salary administration and tax reporting,... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 24 2015

‘It’s not perfect,’ Gov. Bentley says, but General Fund budget is approved

Like a family that lives paycheck-to-paycheck, so the state of Alabama had to adjust its General Fund budget to avoid a $200 million shortfall... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 17 2015

The Goal Is Governance

Like all responsible citizens, Alabama Baptists are concerned about the general welfare of their home state and its citizens. That is why we... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 17 2015

State legislators work to resolve General Fund budget shortfall during 2nd special session

The governor and Legislature face a familiar problem: a severe shortfall in the state’s General Fund budget for fiscal year 2016, which... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Efforts to boost state’s economic development could be scaled back

A projected revenue shortfall of $250 million or more in Alabama’s General Fund budget is evidence of Alabama’s need for economic... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Legislative special session to determine state’s fiscal future

The start of a second special legislative session Sept. 8 gives Alabama lawmakers one more chance to pass a budget before the new fiscal year... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Cuts to Medicaid would result in reduced care for poor children, elderly

Health care continues to be a hot-button issue in Alabama, and perhaps no single topic gets more attention than Medicaid. Medicaid and the Children’s... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Prison reform may stall without additional revenue

Prison reform efforts in Alabama may stall if the Legislature fails to find additional revenue for the state’s General Fund during the... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Budget cuts could lead to state parks closing, more illegal dumps

The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) covers a lot of ground throughout the state — literally.  The... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Sep. 8 2015

Proposed budget cuts would affect public safety

If proposed cuts to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) are enacted, drivers throughout the state will especially feel the effects, according... [READ MORE]