Human Rights/Freedom

Human Rights/Freedom | Mar. 31 2021

Persecution of believers in Iran ‘very high’

Less than 1% of Iranians consider themselves Christians. Islam is practiced by a majority of citizens in the country of 83.5 million, according…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Mar. 1 2021

Pregnant Christian miscarries after beating by Hindu extremists

DEWADA, India — A pregnant woman lost her baby after being beaten by Hindu extremists who attacked Christians at a New Year’s Eve celebration.…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Feb. 25 2021

Special report: Church building in Belarus seized, religious freedom remains under attack

Government authorities in Minsk, Belarus, on Feb. 17 seized the building of New Life Church, the largest and most influential evangelical church…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Feb. 23 2021

Private bill seeks freedom for refugee living in Missouri church

U.S. Rep. Cori Bush introduced legislation Feb. 22 to grant permanent residency to Alex Garcia, a Honduran immigrant who has lived more than…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Feb. 16 2021

Judson graduate fears Myanmar could become ‘like North Korea’ following military coup

A Judson College graduate who now lives in her native Myanmar fears the country is in danger of becoming “like North Korea” if the country’s…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Jan. 26 2021

Human trafficking enslaves image-bearers of God

Dewi had lived for decades as a victim of sexual exploitation in the red-light district of the Asia Rim. Her introduction to modern-day slavery…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Jan. 21 2021

Christian girl, 12, kidnapped, forced to marry

FAISALABAD, Pakistan — A 12-year-old Christian girl kidnapped last year and forced to marry a 45-year-old Muslim man was found chained…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Dec. 17 2020

Opinion: Conspiring against conspiracy: Seeking to continue the years-long work already being done to fight human trafficking

By Reagan Keith Special to The Alabama Baptist Efforts to combat human trafficking have recently experienced a new hurdle coming from a group…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Nov. 23 2020

China turns churches into propaganda centers

In order to hinder the growth of Christianity, the Chinese government has seized numerous churches to convert them to propaganda centers for…

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Human Rights/Freedom | Nov. 20 2020

Global Christian community called to help Armenian evangelicals serve refugees

Global Christian leaders are calling on believers worldwide to respond to the expansive and ongoing need of more than 150,000 Armenian refugees…

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