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Alabama News | Oct. 23 2020

Rosalie Hunt tells Kathleen Mallory’s story in new book release

The words weren’t brand new to her — Kathleen Mallory had looked over the letter before she stepped into the pulpit to read it. It was from... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Oct. 16 2020

‘The Social Dilemma’ has a dire warning for users of social media

You may not smash your smartphone after watching Netflix’s newest hit documentary, but if you do, I won’t blame you. Through interviews with... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Oct. 9 2020

Michael Jr. to perform interactive virtual comedy shows

A unique virtual comedy performance is taking place in October with comic, actor, author and inspirational speaker Michael Jr.’s online Laugh... [READ MORE]

Instagram | Oct. 2 2020

Duduit integrates Alabama, Auburn football with Bible-based life lessons

The zeal many Alabama Baptists possess for college football can sometimes seem to rival their love for church. Del Duduit, author and sportswriter,... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Sep. 25 2020

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ is an entertaining remake, but price, ethics at play

A trip to the theater for a family of four costs around $40 — and that’s without the popcorn and soda. What if you could save a few bucks... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Sep. 18 2020

Chris Tomlin’s latest album features heart, faith of country artists

It’s easy to make judgments about public figures, according to Chris Tomlin, the award-winning Christian artist. Tomlin said this proved to... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Sep. 11 2020

Gulf Shores worship leader, UM grad ready for where God leads next

Just over a year ago, Blake Walker developed a vision for an album he hoped would launch his songwriting career. “Generation to Generation,”... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Sep. 6 2020

Netflix’s ‘Speed Cubers’ is intriguing, mind-blowing and inspiring

I received my first Rubik’s Cube when I was about 10. The U.S. was in the midst of the “cube craze” and children from coast to coast were... [READ MORE]

Latest News | Aug. 20 2020

Short film ‘Tutwiler’ documents growing doula ministry at Alabama prison

By Caleb Yarbrough Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist Women are the fastest-growing prison population in the country. And each year, thousands... [READ MORE]

Media Reviews | Aug. 8 2020

Disney Plus’ ‘Hamilton’ remains a fan favorite, but it’s not kid-friendly

By Michael Foust Correspondent, The Alabama Baptist His name is Alexander Hamilton, and he’s one of the smartest people in Colonial America... [READ MORE]

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