Moral and Ethical Issues

Children | Nov. 24 2020

‘The’ conversation: More families are discussing end-of-life planning – here’s how to start

By Lindy Grief Davidson University of South Florida In homes across the U.S., families increasingly know someone who has been sick or hospitalized... [READ MORE]

Abortion | Nov. 24 2020

Recent appeals court rulings uphold pro-life provisions in several states

A federal appeals court ruled on Monday (Nov. 23) that Texas and Louisiana can cut off Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood clinics. The decision... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 24 2020

Crisis in Armenia: Helping those displaced by conflict

The bombs started falling in once peaceful communities. People — mostly women, children and the elderly — began running for their lives as... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 23 2020

China turns churches into propaganda centers

In order to hinder the growth of Christianity, the Chinese government has seized numerous churches to convert them to propaganda centers for... [READ MORE]

Alabama News | Nov. 23 2020

Suit says app stores promote gambling

Two federal lawsuits filed Oct. 21 against Apple and Google seek refunds for Alabamians who downloaded gambling apps that plaintiffs say are... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 20 2020

Global Christian community called to help Armenian evangelicals serve refugees

Global Christian leaders are calling on believers worldwide to respond to the expansive and ongoing need of more than 150,000 Armenian refugees... [READ MORE]

Human Rights/Freedom | Nov. 20 2020

Restrictions on religion rise across the globe, Pew says

Government restrictions on religion are at their highest level around the globe since 2007, according to Pew Research. In an analysis of data... [READ MORE]

Instagram | Nov. 20 2020

Perseverance, rest, hope help believers keep focus on God during uncertain times

People are growing restless, waiting month after month in this long and disturbing “Meantime.” Since last March, the COVID-19 pandemic has... [READ MORE]

Baptist News | Nov. 18 2020

Guidance on protecting churches from lawsuits offered by ERLC, SAAG

The Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and a special advisory group have published the first of a series of state policy... [READ MORE]

Asia | Nov. 18 2020

Azerbaijan delays takeover as Armenians flee territory

By Jim Heintz Associated Press Azerbaijan on Sunday postponed taking control of a territory ceded by Armenian forces in a cease-fire agreement,... [READ MORE]